Get out Your Snow Shovels…Again!

My New Bone!

It’s been raining here for at least two days straight, and yesterday we heard on the news that we are supposed to get up to 8+ inches by the time we wake up on Friday morning.  Well, I just looked out the front window and the rain has now just turned into that white stuff again!  Oh boy!  The drive in tomorrow morning for Daddy is not going to be a fun one!  And Mommy has already put away her snow pants because she was hoping that the snow was finally going away, not yet at least Mommy. 

Mommy and I did some errands today and I got to go bye bye again!  Everytime I hear the car keys I get all excited and jump all around.  Mommy always makes sure to take a bottled water and snacks for me when we do errands, just in case I get thirsty, and the snacks are for when I am good (which I always am!)  And, since I was such a good puppy today, I got a brand new red Milkbone squeaky toy!  Yeah!  I could not wait to get home to play with it, and when I did…..I ran all over the house, throwing it up in the air, and squeaking the heck out of it as I ran.  (if you can hear me now) 

I also had another growling fit at those stupid laundry baskets today.  I am starting to think that Mommy is placing those things on their side on purpose just to get me going.  I think she thinks it’s funny, but all I do is run away from them, peak around the corner, and growl and growl at them. 

Well, for now, I am going to sit by the front window and watch the snow come down, and know that when the driveway turns white, I can pee right outside the back door!  LOL  (I don’t do this all the time, just when it is covered with the white stuff)  Uh oh, I’ve gotta go….. I hear Mommy coming up the stairs and I don’t want her to catch me on the computer again.  I’ll talk to you all later! 

Wet Snowy Puppy Kisses to you,

Ah, a new head rest!