Cake Pops to Impress

We have been experimenting with Cake Pops lately, and we made some delicious cake pops that would impress anyone, not to mention, they taste great!  Just look at these double chocolate fudge cake pops, dipped in milk chocolate and drizzled with green vanilla chocolate.  Just a perfect treat for St. Patrick’s Day, or perhaps for someone’s birthday!  Yep, Mommy made these delicious Cake Pops for Daddy’s boss (his birthday is on March 17th), but they are celebrating his birthday today at the office.  I hope he was surprised with the 50 cake pops and saves some to take home too!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON (aka: “Big Guy”)  We just wanted to let you know that we were thinking of you on your special day! 

Anyhow, these are really easy to make if you have an actual Cake Pop Maker.  You just take a regular cake mix and add all the ingredients for a cake, then add one tablespoon of cake mix to each cavity in the cake pop maker (it makes 12 at a time), bake for 4 minutes which is the perfect length of time.  Once all the cake balls are made and have cooled, just pop them into the freezer for a few minutes.  The reason you do this is to make it easier for you to dip the balls into the melted chocolate.  If you don’t do a quick freeze on them and try to use the really soft cake balls in the chocolate, you will have a mess on your hands with crumbled cake!  We have learned this from experience, so do a quick freeze first! 

While the cake balls are freezing, you can start melting your chocolate in a microwave safe bowl or glass measuring cup, or you can use a Melting Pot to melt your chocolate.  If you are doing the microwave method, make sure you melt the chocolate in increments of 15 seconds, check the chocolate, another 15 seconds, and so on, and mix the chocolate in between, and finally you will have melted chocolate.  We used a bag of chocolate melts that we got from Pat Catans, and these melted really nice.  (we have tried melting chocolate chips which does work, but we have found that using the chocolate melts is easier.  Once the chocolate is melted, you just dip the flash frozen cake balls into the chocolate and make sure that you cover the entire ball.  Now, you have a decision to make, do you insert a lollipop stick in them or not, either way, you have great chocolate dipped cake balls!  Once you have dipped all of your cake balls (side note here:  Forgot to mention that a regular sized cake mix box can make over 100+ cake balls), you place them on waxed paper on a cookie sheet, or if you are inserting a lollipop stick you will need some styrofoam so you can place the stick in it until they set. 

Next, flash freeze the dipped cake balls, and while they are in the freezer, you can melt your next color of chocolate melts for the drizzle (here we used the green chocolate melts which was a vanilla flavor) in a squeeze bottle about halfway full in the microwave.  Once again, do this in 15 second increments until all the chocolate has melted.  Tak the chocolate dipped cake pops out of the freezer and you can now drizzle the tops with your green chocolate.  Whala!  Delicious Cake Pops fit for a king, or a boss, or for any reason!  They are time consuming to make with all the steps involved, but we are sure that the more we make these, the process will get easier! 

Just think, any cake mix will do, from Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Vanilla, Chocolate, and if you have an actual Cake Pop Maker, you will receive in the box an injection tool so you can sneak some “filling” into each cake ball before they are dipped in chocolate!  Imagine biting into a Carrot Cake Ball and finding some cream cheese frosting inside, now that sounds yummy! 

Have you ever tried making Cake Pops before?  If so, how have you decorated them?  What did you make them for?