Itching to Grow Something

As a gardener, the winter months weigh on you.  You flip through all of your seed catalogs, you dream of what your garden will look like, and you salivate at what you will be eating. You are itching to just get out in the yard to dig around in the soil, pull weeds, water, and baby your plants.

RP 1-11-14 POPPED UP

But we are not even close to gardening season yet. Our snow covered ground has slightly melted, only the high piles of snow still exist. The snow piles by the edge of the roads are all nasty looking with dirt.  Yet, we are still dreaming of gardening.  We won’t be starting any of our seeds indoors yet until around the end of February/beginning of March, but I have been itching to grow something.


So, I pulled out two red pepper seeds that I saved from one of our peppers and planted them in a little McDonalds sundae container, and put another container on top as a lid  to keep the condensation inside. I set the container under our little light we have on our kitchen counter to keep them warm and provide the light they needed to germinate. They were planted on January 3rd, and just yesterday the 11th, one popped up!  I was beginning to think that they would never germinate, but one did, finally.  Now, I have something to watch grow!


As a gardener, we love to watch things grow.  You feel the need to nurture something, and when you see it finally pop it’s little green stem from the dirt, you do a happy dance. And I did just that!  We are a long way away from starting the rest of our seeds indoors, but just having the chance to watch these little peppers grow under the kitchen light, is good enough for us right now.

I bet McDonalds never knew that their sundae cups were good seed starters!


When Puppies Turn Into Vampires

“I Want to Bite Your Neck”

With Halloween only 147 days away, I am starting to have a little fun and getting into the spirit of the haunting time of year.  The BIG question is, what am I going to be for Halloween this year?  Last year, when I was a lot smaller, I was this cute fairy and wore an adorable pink tutu and a handmade two-toned pink collar with beads and a boa, but now…my tutu only fits around my neck.  So the quest begins on what should I be this Halloween.  I am taking all suggestions into consideration, so please help me out and give me your thoughts!   (did you notice the little ghost that appeared in my picture when Mommy took this of meSpooky, eh?)  And don’t forget, if you are looking for some great awesome Halloween Props & accessories, check out Daddy’s website   (the best time to pick up your Halloween props is early in the year, because the longer you wait in the year, all of the good stuff will be gone

Anyhow, my weekend was full of fun like it is every weekend, and we took a trip to PetSmart to pick up some things.  I wore my new Sporn Halter that Daddy bought me a few weeks ago, and I walked around the store like a champ with no pulling!  You gotta pick up one of these for your four-legged friend because these really work if you’re a dog or puppy that pulls alot when walking on a leash.  This Sporn Halter corrects that, instantly!  Upon walking into the store, I saw the coolest thing…  I saw this bright colorful….BIRD!  Yep, I said bird.  This lady took her bird shopping with her and her bird had a leash on too!  I laughed all day about that, because I never knew that birds wear leashes. 
I got to see all of my friends at PetSmart like Brett, Amber, Jane and Chuck and I even met a few new friends that took a shine to me.  I saw Amber in the training center, but I did not want to bother her since she was busy, but she saw me anyhow and snuck me a few treats. (Thanks Amber)  I even noticed this nice lady walking towards me and she was carrying a few stuffed animals.  One of them was a stuffed bunny….and I wanted it badly!  When she bent down to pet me, I snuck the bunny out of her arms!  LOL   I don’t even know why I did this because I don’t even touch the toys in the aisle, I just sniff em, but this bunny had some nice long ears that must have attracted me!  (I crack myself up some times!)  Anyhow, Daddy treated Mommy to lunch at McDonalds on our way home and we got to go through the Drive-Thru and Mommy snuck a photo of me dreaming of french fries! 
Since Summer time is for planting flowers and watching them bloom, we are happy to see Daddy’s prize flowers starting to open up and bloom.   Mommy even got a neat flower to put in her “Doggie” planter.  I think it was called Phlox and it should bloom red.  While Mommy and I were watering the flowers this morning, she got a great photo of a rainbow that appeared out of nowhere in the spray of the garden hose.  How cool is that?  I did not know that Mommy could make rainbows! 
Anyhow, I hope you have a great Monday and try to create your own rainbows today! 
Love always,