Love Notes – Download for Valentine’s Day

Get ready to write your Sweetheart some “Love Notes” on these adorable love notes!  Download them today here (six love notes to a page)

What is your current method of writing notes to the one you love?  Do you use just any old paper that is lying around to jot down your note?  Do you prefer to use sticky notes instead?  The back of an envelope?  Or are you the type of person who leaves no love notes to the one you love?  Love notes don’t have to be long in length, and can take just a few seconds to write, but the recipient of the note will know immediately that you love them & that you are thinking of them.  Printout a stack of these Love Notes today and keep on hand – and remember, love notes are NOT just for Valentine’s Day, use them every day and place them where YOUR sweetie can find them.  (IE:  The bathroom mirror, inside their wallet, on their pillow, on the back door for them to find, take one to their cell phone – the list is endless, but you get the idea!)

How about printing these out on some cardstock (any color cardstock will do), then cut them out and start leaving “Love Notes” for your Sweetie today!  We love creating things for the seasons, and love is on our mind when we think about Valentine’s Day.  (Mommy always says that this is “her” holiday because it has her name in it

Leave us feedback, drop us a note, and let us know how you like these adorable Love Notes – available for you today to download!  Pass this on to your friends too!