Gardening: Trying Something Different

One thing about gardening, is that you never know what will happen from day to day. This is such a true fact.

We are trying a few new things this year in our garden that we are excited about. One, we are trying to grow Container Corn from Burpee Seeds, and so far, we are having phenomenal success, as the corn is growing so well & getting taller every day.  Number Two, we are growing celery for the first time and started it from seed indoors and it has also taken off and has grown by leaps and bounds, and last but not least, Number Three, we are growing Loofahs!

Yes, you heard that correctly, we are attempting to grow Loofah Sponges, ya know those things you use in the bathroom for exfoliation.  For every person we have asked “where do you think Loofahs come from?”, they all answered “the ocean”.  Wrong!  Loofah’s grow from a black seed!  We have four Loofah plants growing in our garden right now! We have a friend of ours that thinks that we are telling them a fib about the loofah, because they don’t believe that a loofah can be grown in a container, as they too said that they come from the ocean. Well, all we want (to prove them wrong) is for one loofah to grow and produce a nice sized loofah.


If you take a close look at the small growing loofah, it has an interesting texture on it. A loofah is from the squash family if I am not mistaken, and it needs to be pollinated for the loofah to produce & grow. The tip of the ones shown are waiting for the flower to open up. Once the Loofah is pollinated, it will grow into a nice sized Loofah where we will have to cut the skin off the outside of the Loofah, then hang it to dry outside. All the black seeds will then at that time be removed so we can use them to grow more next year, once they are dried properly. Interesting stuff, eh?

Since we have planted four seeds, each vine is starting to produce quite a number of loofah’s on each vine, which is a good thing, since I would love to have a few of these actually grow into a loofah. All in all, gardening is truly fun and we are so glad that we tried something new this year in the garden, as it makes it fun heading into the garden each morning to see what has happened over night!  These are just a few closeups of the Loofahs, but there are little Loofahs popping up all over these vines right now!


I will be slowly starting to get back into my garden posts, as I have taken a much needed break from blogging, so get ready for some awesome stuff!