The Anticipation is killing me…

I feel the pressure building inside me, my thoughts are racing around in my puppy head, I stare blindly across the kitchen floor…thinking (oooh wait, is that a crumb on the floor?) anyhow, my mind has been pre-occupied all day wondering WHO was going to win American Idol tonight.  Our first thought after Haley Reinhart was booted (ha ha) was to vote for Scotty, but after the performances we saw last night, our votes might now be swayed over to Lauren.  I think she is “IN IT TO WIN IT” as Randy Jackson always says!  Lauren had such a better night of song choices than Scotty, but who knows… Scotty could still win it.  Unfortunately, we will have to wait the entire 2 hour show to find out who wins the whole kit-and-kaboodle Idol crown!  Just a few more hours until we find out….stay tuned!

You know how much my Daddy & Mommy love Halloween, right?  Well, I must know that it is just around the corner, because all that I have been doing lately is playing with my stuffed pumpkin.  This squeaky toy is so huge, but I love it.  I just grab that huge thing and bite real hard and shake the daylights out of it.  Don’t know what I am trying to accomplish, but it is fun!  (this photo Mommy snapped of me really shows off my fluffy tail, eh?)  Anyhow, if anyone wants to check out some really cool Halloween props & accessories, you should pop on over to see my Daddy & Mommy’s website, Themes N Things   They have a lot of seasonal items (just not Halloween) and have a huge inventory of more Halloween props that will be arriving soon, so check back often to see what’s new!

I hope you are having a great day so far…I am going to take a nap so I can stay up for Idol tonight.  I hope America voted correctly…we’ll have to wait & see for ourselves.

Yee-Haw from Nikita Idol!

End of the World? Or Just a Really Bad Storm

After my blog post yesterday & greeting my Daddy at the back door, it happened…. the winds kicked up, the rain started to fall, and so did the hail!  The storm hit us so bad and the thunder & lightning was so severe that I actually pee’d on the floor because I got scared.  We were getting tornado warnings that were beeping across the TV screen and were ready to run downstairs if we had to.  We could not believe what we were watching, as this was one of the worst storms we have seen in a long time.  Beep….beep….beep….This is a report from the National Weather Service a tornado was spotted in a neighboring city and that truly got our attention!  We were just finishing dinner while we watched from the kitchen windows how the rain came down in sheets & buckets too (I heard that this is also called “Raining Cats & Dogs”, but I did not see any cats or dogs falling from the sky)  Before the rain came down really hard, Mommy ran outside to pull all of her newly planted flowers into the garage to protect them from the storm and she is glad she did that!  (they would have been damaged from the rain, wind & hail)   We were even wondering if the glass top on our outdoor table was going to be broken from the high winds, but it was safe.  (phew)   The storm or tornado-like weather did not last that long, but the severity of it was amazing to watch.   After the storm was over, I had to “really go”, so Mommy took me outside.  To my amazement, I found little ice balls all over the ground to eat!  YIPPEE!  I love eating ice cubes, but was really surprised that I now had a whole backyard filled with them!  We even got a call from Grandma who said that they had a tree come down in their backyard and have a lot of clean-up to do.  (sorry that happened Grammy!) 

Well, we made it through this storm without any damage, but we have damage in another way.  Someone keeps running over our grass with their car and is making ruts in the yard.  This is the fifth time that this has happened, so we are starting to think that it is on purpose now.  (what elese would it be?)  Mommy & Daddy take such pride in keeping the yard looking so beautiful and are mindful of neighboring properties when working in the yard, because that is the right thing to do…. respect others property.  Have any of you ever had someone do property damage to your yard?  How did you handle it?  What was the outcome?   Let me know & give me some advice on what to do. 

Anyhow, with the storms behind us, and poor Grandma & Grandpa have lots of tree damage to clean up today, I feel bad for them because today is supposed to be a special day….. “It’s Grandma’s Birthday“!  We got Grandma something really awesome & special and know that she will love it!  We got her personalized dessert plates that have their last name initial on them!  (shhhhh, don’t tell Grandma) We thought and thought really hard on what to get her that she could use, and we thought that these would be great because we can now use them every time we have get-togethers at Grandma’s house!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA, I LOVE YOU! 

Ok, so tonight is American Idol, a day early.  So who are you voting for tonight?  Scotty or Lauren?  From what I have read on the web, not many people are going to vote tonight because they have now lost interest.  We would be voting for something that is the same, like voting for “apple -vs- apple” – or “country -vs- country”, and there is not much of a difference in that.  We kinda lost our interest in AI ever since James Durbin was voted off, he is the one who should be honored as the next American Idol, not Scotty or Lauren.  America voted last week with 95 million votes, but I am sure the votes will be much lower this week because not everyone likes country music.  Get ready for the flood gates to open wide if Lauren loses this week. 

The Hail-Eating puppy,