Doggone-It Now That’s Loyalty

The other day I saw this sad video about a yellow lab that got hit by a car in California – the driver who hit the dog never stopped, the lab died.  But what was amazing about this story was the black lab who walked out into the busy street to lay next to his friend on the street, and never left the yellow labs side.  Someone passing by took this video of the dogs in the street and also laid traffic cones out on the road so the dogs would not get hit again.  No one has come forward to claim either dog yet, but the black lab is now up for adoption by a local animal care shelter and they have named her “Grace”.  The video is quite emotional.  View the video:

Stories like this really bothers me.  Not to mention that the driver who hit the dog never stopped and I hope they now can’t sleep at night as their guilt will eat them alive.  The black lab, now named Grace, has more loyalty than a human does, more passion for life than the driver did by fleeing.   And, I still can’t believe that someone has not come forward to claim either dogs with this all over the news. 


This is just an example of the horrible things that happen to animals every day.  They are abused, punched, kicked, starved, poisoned, and people can do these things to them without any thought or remorse.  It is truly sad that things like this happens, but that is where YOU can help.  By making a donation to the APL that we are helping raise donations for, these abused animals can get the help that they need. 

We adopted two kitties that are brother & sister (as we could not adopt one and leave the other one behind) and they were left in a cardboard box outside a church and were malnourished and needed help.  We adopted our great dog Nikita who came from a litter of seven pups who lost their mom after she was poisoned with anti-freeze by their owner and fought for their life.  All of the animals have horrible stories of abuse to tell, each one sadder than the next, and we can help them by making a donation to the APL.  They need our help because they can’t help themself, they just want to live. 

Just think, if you tell two people, and they tell two people, and so on….we can help get the word out about how important it is to make a donation today.  Any dollar amount will help, $1, $5, $10 or more, it all adds up!  We are encouraging all of you to pass this along to everyone you know, post our donation link on your social media site, email it to everyone you know, and help us raise money for the APL.   We are doing our part to help all the animals who need help, will you help too?