Top 100 Kids Crafts List for 2013

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To my surprise, I ended 2013 with a huge BANG! I was contacted by All Free Kids Crafts to advise that I made their Top 100 Kids Crafts List for 2013!  What an honor it was to make this list!

It was my Melted Pony Bead Pizza Pan Sun Catcher that got me on the list of the top 100 kids crafts!  I had so much fun in 2013 playing around with melting pony beads and I will do some more experimenting this year too!


Click HERE to be taken to the entire Top 100 Kids Crafts list for 2013. My project is under the seasonal crafts, no. 79 to be exact, just in case you were wondering!

Currently, I have so many new ideas for craft projects lined up for this year and I can’t wait to start on all of them!  “You don’t know what you can accomplish, if you don’t try.”

Thank you All Free Kids Crafts for such a wonderful surprise!


Pizza Pan Patriotic Platter

Oops, I did it again!  I pulled out my Pony Beads today and created a Pizza Pan Patriotic Platter.  With the Fourth of July coming up, I decided that I needed a platter to show off my goodies, like my Patriotic Strawberries, or perhaps some garnishes.


Just like my other Pony Bead projects, I just poured the beads onto the pizza pan and used red, white and blue beads, just perfect for the Fourth of July.  Make sure you fill up all the holes on the pan and all of the edges have a bead touching it.


Once the pizza pan is completed filled (one layer of beads only), place in a pre-heated oven at 425 degrees.  Watch the beads closely, as they will melt quickly.  Keep a fan on or open a few windows to let out the light smell from the melting beads.  (Note:  You can also melt them on your grill outside, just make sure to leave the lid open so as nothing accidentally drops into the plastic while it is melting)


You will start to see the beads starting to melt in the pan.  The way you can tell that your project is completely melted, is when the top is completely flat and smooth.  If you still see some bead “bumps”, then it needs to stay in the oven a little longer.  Carefully remove from the oven once the top is completely flat & smooth.  Place gently on top of stove to cool.  You might hear a slight cracking sound, but that is just the plastic cooling, so do not worry.

Once the pan is completely cooled, just turn the pizza pan upside down and the platter will pop out.  Easy, right?


Now all you need to do is take your Glass Candlestick that you got at the Dollar Store for $1 and hot glue it to the direct center on the bottom of the platter.  You’re done!  You have now created a Patriotic Platter that everyone will wonder where you got it….only you will know that you made it! (NOTE:  I would not suggest using any sharp knife on the platter as it will most likely scratch the plastic)


Since I had some red, white and blue Pony Beads left over, I decided to make a Patriotic Star out of a metal cookie cutter.  I just placed the metal cookie cutter in a round cake pan, filled the metal star up with Pony Beads and melted it in the oven.  Once it has cooled, just slightly pull on the sides of the metal cookie cutter to release the star and it will pop right out.  I will probably drill a small hole in the top of this star and hang in my kitchen window for a little Patriotic charm!





So there you have it, a Pizza Pan Patriotic Platter and a Patriotic Star all made within a few minutes of an afternoon!  What a great craft project to share with your kids, or make one for yourself!

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A Pizza Pan Made Me Popular


Just when I thought that this week could not get any better than what it was, it happened.  The Editor of All Free Kids Crafts contacted me and wanted to feature my Melted Pony Beads Pizza Pan Sun Catcher on their website!  I was tickled pink that she contacted me and this news just made my day.  Thanks Jaclyn!

I never knew that a pizza pan could make me popular, but it did!  I love crafting and seeing what I can come up with next.  It’s the thrill that you get when you try something new and it works.

Here is the link to my original post:  Pizza Pan Sun Catcher
Here is the link to my featured Pizza Pan Sun Catcher on

This particular pony bead craft is extremely easy to do!  Just grab your pony beads and pour them out onto a pizza pan.  Make sure that there are no holes, just add more beads.  Pop your pizza pan into the oven at 425 degrees for a few minutes (watch through the oven door to see them melt) and when all the beads are melted, and the top appears to be smooth, it’s time to remove them from the oven.  Now, just let your pizza pan cool on top of the stove.  You will hear some cracking noises, but that is just the plastic cooling.  Once cooled, just turn the pizza pan upside down and the round disk will pop right out!  Then, if you are going to hang this up as a sun catcher, just drill a small hole at the top for a string.  Also, I made a cupcake stand too, just by purchasing a $1 glass candlestick holder from the Dollar Store and gluing it to the bottom of the plastic pizza pan sun catcher!


So, head on over to All Free Kids Crafts today to see what you are missing!  They have tons of wonderful neat crafts for kids!

I just never knew that a pizza pan could make me popular!

How to Make a Sun Catcher

I got my inspiration from I’m Feelin’ Crafty’s blog and just had to try this craft project for myself!  And, I am glad that I did!  This absolutely fun craft project uses those plastic pony beads found in any craft store, a pie pan, and your gas grill. That’s it!  If you would like to make some for yourself, keep reading for the steps on how to create some today for yourself!  These would also make some incredible gifts for Christmas too! 

Let’s begin…  First, you can use any metal pan in any shape, we used an aluminum pie pan for the one we just made, but the next time we make one we will use our metal pie pan instead.  The reason we will switch to the metal pie pan is so we don’t get the little indents on the bottom of the sun catcher from the aluminum pan.  The metal pie pan will have no indents on the bottom. 

Next, take out your platic pony beads and start placing them in your pie pan and lay them flat in the pan with the hole of the bead facing up.  Create any design you want, but keep all the beads close together.  Once you fill up your entire pie pan with your design, the next step is to melt them. 

Get your grill all nice and hot.  You can melt these in your oven at 400 degrees, but you may experience a nasty smell from the melting plastic, so we suggest you use your grill.  Place your pie pan in the center of your grill.  Creating your design was a lot of fun, but watching your beads melt was truly neat to watch.  You may have to turn your pie pan to ensure that all the beads melt evenly, so make sure you use a pot holder to touch the pie pan.  We had our pie pan on our grill for approximately 15-18 minutes.  You will know when to take the pan off the grill when you see a smooth finish on top of your design, as this shows that all the beads have melted completely. 

Remove from grill.  Your sun catcher will dry quite quickly, so make sure that nothing falls into the plastic as it is curing, like a bug!  Once you can touch the pie pan and feel that it has cooled, you can remove your sun catcher.  Carefully move the side of the pan a little and your sun catcher should pop right out! 

Now, depending on what you want to do with your new sun catcher, you can either leave it as is, or you can drill a small hole at the top to attach a suction cup for hanging.  (this is what we are going to do) 

The possibilites are endless of what you can make with this craft idea.  For example:  Try making some ornaments for your Christmas tree by using metal cookie cutters (just place the cookie cutters on a cookie sheet and fill the cookie cutters with beads), make some adorable gift tags, or even use a square cake pan to make a different shape.  Also, you can make yourself a wind chime too!  Just purchase a cheap wind chime from the Dollar Store, remove the chimes and attach them to your new sun catcher by drilling small holes at the bottom & attach the chimes!  Let your creativity go wild & have fun!  Don’t forget that this is a great craft project to do with your kids too!