American Idol’s 400th Episode – A Night to Remember

If you were glued to the TV last night like we were, you got to see the best performance of the Season!  There is definitely one person who has no fears of being voted off the show, Jessica Sanchez.  This young girl put on a flawless performance with Whitney Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You“, a song that is truly a hard song to do for most, but Jessica made it look easy, like a walk in the park.  As Jennifer Lopez always says, “you gave me goosies” and with her performance last night, she did just that.  They said that she just made 40 million people cry, and I bet she did without a doubt, but in a good way. 

Other performers to watch are Joshua Ledet as he is truly in this to win it!  Every time we see Joshua sing, he just gets better and better and he did a fantastic job on Stevie Wonder’s song “I Wish“.  Another flawless performance – look out guys, Joshua wants this really bad! 

Elise Testone has been one of our favorites from the beginning, but we don’t think she pulled out all the stops with her rendetition of Whitney Houston’s song “I’m Your Baby Tonight” and it appears that she cannot adapt that well to different song types that are out of her comfort zone. 

Jermaine Jones who was brought back by the judges because of his unique singing voice, needs to work on connecting with the audience and feeling the song that he is singing. 

Erika Van Pelt (EVP) has been one of our favorites from the beginning and she sang Whitney Houston’s song “I Believe In You And Me” and she definitely hit all the right notes.  It was just strange to see our DJ rocker girl in an evening gown.

Colton Dixon was challenged this week and took on Stevie Wonder’s song “Lately” which was a huge difference from last weeks performance where he was dancing on top of the piano, but that is the way things go in Idol – you get an assignment, and you have to go with it.  He is one of our favorites this year, because he reminds us a lot of James Durbin from last season.

Shannon Magrane is someone we feel sorry for because she bombed last night with her rendetion of Whitney Houston’s song “I Have Nothing“, to which this is exactly what she ended up with…nothing.  The judges did not spare any bad remarks for Shannon either – if you stunk, then you stunk, plain & simple.  Sorry, truth hurts.  Shannon just tried to rush through the song and then tried to catch up to where she was supposed to be, and all it was in the end was crash & burn.  We feel that she’ll get the lowest votes by America, but we’ll see what happens tonight.

Deandre Brackensick is someone that is not on our favorite list, but he did give the best performance that we have seen by him in this season as he took on Stevie Wonder’s song “Master Blaster“.  At least he pulled his hair back into a ponytail so we did not have to watch another episode of his hair-flipping that is very annoying.

Skylar Laine is one of our favorites even though we are not huge country fans, but she took on Whitney Houston’s song “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” and was able to pull it off quite well, which was not an easy task for a country singer to do.  This just proves to us that she is versatile and can sing just about anything. 

Heejun Han is one entertaining comic who sings, we just love him to pieces and love the fact that you can’t judge a book by its cover, because when you look at him you would not believe that this boy can really sing.  Heejun just needs to work on his performances and interact with the audience, improve his eye contact, and “feel” the songs that he is singing, just like a lot of the other performers.  He took on Stevie Wonder’s song “All Is Fair In Love” and although he pulled it off, he needs to step it up to stay in this competition.

Hollie Cavanagh is another girl to watch, as this young girl has a set of lungs on her as she took on Whitney Houston’s song “You’re All The Man That I Need” – all we can say is WOW, this girl can sing! 

Jeremy Rosado took on Stevie Wonder’s song “Ribbon In The Sky” and we still don’t know what the judges see in him.  Sure, he’s a nice boy and all, very polite, but that won’t win this competition.  He might be on the cutting block tonight, but we will have to see how America voted. 

Jessica Sanchez has no fear of being cut tonight as she had the best performance of the night as she took on Whitney Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You” to which is not an easy task to do, but this young girl did it effortlessly and locking in her top spot on Idol.  Way to go Jessica!  She is definitely the one to watch out for as she is in this to win it.  “Goosies

And last but not least, Phillip Phillips took on Stevie Wonder’s song “Superstition“.  We kept saying all night that we hope that someone does this song, and Phillip took charge of it and made it his own.  That proves that he is someone that is versatile and that he wants to win this! 

Our predictions are that Shannon & Jeremy will both have the lowest votes, but it will be the judges decision to keep one.  Who do you think they will keep?  Since Jennifer Lopez has already fought to keep Jeremy, then Shannon will probably be the one sent home.  It will prove interesting tonight – stay tuned!

Leave us your comments on who you want to win this Season! 

Nikita Out!

American Idol: Girls -vs- Boys

I am sure that all of you who are following American Idol, are on pins and needles today, because tonight we will find out who America voted to keep and who will be sent home.  For the last two nights, we witnessed the guys auditions, and who they brought back to make the thirteenth guy, Jermaine Jones, and then last night we watched the girls take the stage to rock the house. 

It appears that the judges were more critical on the girls than they were on the boys, but with some good reasons.  Not all the girls turned it on last night and found their sweet spot, but for the others, they had stellar performances.   Here is what is going to happen tonight, depending upon how America voted, the top 5 girls and the top 5 guys will automatically be voted through to the next round, and 3 wild cards will be thrown by the judges to round out the Top 13.  So, that means that the Top 25 will be cut down to 13 tonight.  Get ready for some major sobbing as the drama begins for the remaining contestants and we find out who makes it to the next level.

Here is the list of our Top 5 Favorite Girls & Boys:
Erika Van Pelt, her confidence shines through her voice
Jen Hirsh, can definitely hold a note and has not had any flaws
Skylar Laine, she truly had the best performance & voice and showed everyone that she can truly perform & get the job done
Jessica Sanchez, this girl can really sing and will end up being one of the top contenders on Idol
Elise Testone, she has more to bring to the table and we felt she held back a little, but we hope that America voted to keep her

Joshua Ledet, WOW is all we can say about this singer!
– Colton Dixon, this boy is radio ready, the next James Durbin
Phillip Phillips, this quirky singing pawn shop worker is definitely one of our favorites and we hope he moves onto the next level
– Creighton Fraker, we never know what this guy has up this sleeve, but we love his versatility and energy
Aaron Marcellus, WOW again for this guy, he can really sing and we want him to stay

We have many more favorites too, as we have been a fan of Adam Brock from the beginning, but we think that America might vote him off, Reed Grimm also has great potential but we’re unsure if he will make the final cut, and last but not least is Heejun Han, we know that he can sing, but he has to do a better job on his performance.   Also, there always has to be one Idol who thinks that their stuff does not stink and grates on our nerves, and that is Brielle Von Hugel, who we think that America will vote her off just because of this & because we don’t want to see her obnoxious Mom any more. 

That’s it, our rundown of our picks.  In a few hours we will find out what happens and see if any of our favorites stay and if America voted the same way.  Good luck to everyone!

Nikita out!

American Idol: The Pressure Cooker Night

Last week’s cheesy themed auditions for the ’50’s is finally over and 42 contestants remain, as they got one final shot to sing their own song of choice for the judges, hopefully they chose their song wisely.  Now, each contestant gets to walk down the plank or “The Green Mile” to find out their fate, if they stay or if they get sent home.  There will only be 24 left standing after tonight’s reviews, then America gets to vote on their fate.  Last night, 14 contestants made it through to the next round, 8 girls and 6 guys.  In the end, there will be 12 girls picked and 12 guys who will make up the TOP 24 contestants on American Idol.  This was their toughest part of their journey, as for some, it will be their start to stardom and to show America how they can shine as a singer & performer, and for the others who did not make it, their journey to be a star might have ended…but there is always next year! 

One contestant in particular, we are glad was sent home last night – Richie Law.  Richie is the obnoxious cowboy who stated in a prior show “I did not come here to recycle music, I came here to make music“, and all that he did was state that “he was the NEXT American Idol”, was rude to everyone, did not follow directions well, annoyed everyone, bad mouthed everyone, and in one clip we noticed that he punched a girl in the face on the bus ride to Las Vegas.  Even if Richie would have made it to the Top 24, America would have surely voted him off without a doubt.  (Sorry Richie!) 

Anyhow, listed below are the top 14 who made it so far:




  • Jen Hirsh, the girl next door
  • Haley Johnsen, pop star in the making
  • Elise Testone, no frills rocker chick
  • Erika Van Pelt, cool DJ
  • Bailey Brown, second time is the charm for this country singer
  • Chelsea Sorrell, another country singer (has Idol gone country?)
  • Jessica Sanchez, a young diva
  • Brielle Von Hugel, bossy brat (gets that from her Mom)


  • Creighton Fraker, eccentric musician
  • Joshua Ledet, the soul singer with a great voice
  • Reed Grimm, a showbiz natural
  • Heejun Han, this guy can really sing
  • Phillip Phillips, in it to win it
  • Colton Dixon, destined to win

Last night ended with a cliffhanger, as they left us wondering what was the outcome for Adam Brock.  Adam has been one of our favorites this season and we would be sad if he was sent home at this point.  We are keeping our fingers crossed to find out tonight on what his fate will be and hopefully he will be saved to become one of the Top 24.  The one thing that we saw a clip on last night, was someone jumping into the water from the stage.  Did anyone see that?  Maybe tonight we will see who jumps in.  We also have high hopes that Eben Franckewitz and David Leathers also make it to the Top 24 as well.  We’ll find out the outcome of the remaining contestants tonight, so stay tuned!

Nikita out!