Footwear Fashionista’s

We have to leave the house some times.  We leave our dogs alone.  Did you ever wonder what your dog does when you are not home?  I do.  For the most part, I want to think that they find a nice comfy spot and take a nap and wait for my arrival home. They guard the house.  They are on patrol.  They know who belongs in the neighborhood.  They bark at the unknown.  They bark at people they don’t like.  They bark at stray cats scurrying across the road.  They bark at “Big Doggies” aka deer who take strolls down our sidewalks a few times a day.  They don’t bark at the Postman.  Don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because they see him every day and he does not pose as a threat.  They get overly excited for the “Guys in Brown” aka UPS, as they visit the house often during the week.  They can hear the rumble of that UPS truck down the road and it is not even in sight yet, and run to the windows to wait for its arrival in front of the house.  Silly dogs.

Footwear Fashionista

Other than attaching a camera to your dogs collar to view what they are doing while you are away, what do you think your dog does when you are not at home?  I had to find out.  After some investigating, what I found out is that the dogs love to try on my shoes.  Yes, that’s right!  I captured some funny photographs of their “Fashion Show”.  It was as if they were walking down the “Catwalk” strutting their stuff in MY shoes, but why is it called a Catwalk?  They would prefer it be changed to a “Dogwalk” instead, but isn’t that something that WE do with them?  We walk the dog.  Take the dog for a walk.  So a Dogwalk would include us in that scenerio.  All I can say is, silly dogs.

Footwear Fashionista2

I guess I never have to wonder why my flip flop straps are always pulled smaller, as Bella has taken over wearing mine.  And now the mystery is solved of how muddy paw prints are always in the bottom of my hot pink rain boots…thanks Nikita.  If I were you, I would check your own shoes for evidence of dog.  I must watch too much Law & Order, as I know for a fact that a little piece of evidence is always found at a crime scene.  DNA tests are being run as we speak.

Bella Wearing Flip Flops

Bella Im So Cool

Bella Footwear Fashionista

A Paper Mache Palooza!

I have been diligently working on finishing some of my paper mache projects before the holidays, and I finally finished a paper mache Snowman and even a paper mache Turkey!  I am still working on my paper mache pumpkins, but I will share those with you all a little later.


First, let’s talk about my paper mache Snowman!  Working with paper mache is fun and it’s easy to create some awesome things, but you have to let your projects dry thoroughly between layers before going onto the next step.  Anyhow, I started my Snowman project by first cutting a small cardboard base for him.  I used an old fire extinguisher box and cut it to make a small stand or base for my snowman and taped it up with masking tape.

Next, I had to think about what I had on hand that was “round”  to make the snowman layers.  I thought about just rolling up some newspaper, but thought against it, but ended up just blowing up three small balloons.  This is where I ran into a little snag.  I blew up the balloons and attached the first one to the base with no problems.  Next, I tried to attach the second balloon to the first one and it would not “stick”.  Yikes!  Now what?  The masking tape just kept falling off the balloons, and I was stumped.  I pulled out my crazy glue and had to hold the balloons in place until the glue dried and that seemed to work.  Phew!

I then worked on making the top hat, nose and scarf.  I cut the top hat from a small cat food box and taped it together.  The nose was just a small sticky note rolled into a pointy nose and taped onto the balloon.  The scarf was made by just rolling up long pieces of newspaper, and taped them together.  Now that I had my tower of three balloons all attached to the base, and the hat and nose, it was time to get to work and start the paper mache process.  (The scarf was not yet attached)

I mixed up a batch of paper mache mix, which is only flour and water, and made the paste to resemble a pancake mix thickness.  You don’t want this mixture to be too thick or too thin.  I already had the newspaper cut up in small strips, so I was ready to get to work.  I just dipped each strip into the paste and laid it on the balloon and worked my way all the way around.   I placed a few layers of newspaper all around the balloons and base and now it is time for it to dry.  I hurried up the process by placing a small heater in front of the snowman to dry the paste quicker.

Once the snowman has dried and you could not feel any spots that you were able to push in (meaning – you did not have enough layers of newspaper in that spot and it was not thick enough), it was time to attach the scarf to the snowman.  Since the scarf was just pieces of newspaper rolled up and taped, it still needed to be paper mached.  I paper mached the scarf all by itself and then wrapped it around the snowman while still wet, and tied the scarf on the snowman.  Let it dry.

Once the scarf was dry, it was time to start painting!  I pulled out my black, white, orange, and red paints and went to town!  I was amazed on how awesome the snowman was coming together and with each color I added to him, he looked cuter and cuter with each color.  By adding red stripes to his scarf, it truly completed the snowman!  But a snowman is not complete without eyes, so I painted some round push pins black and just stuck them into the snowman.

Now, for my paper mache turkey, I just rolled up some newspaper to form the body and the head and then taped them together with masking tape.  I made the beak with a sticky note like I did for the snowman.  For the legs and feet, I just rolled up some newspaper for the legs and taped it to the body, and then cut up a clothes hanger and bent the hanger to shape the feet.  For the feathers, I cut up a cereal box into feather shapes.

I individually paper mached each feather first, then let them dry.  Once dried, I fanned them out a bit and taped them together.  Once the head, body and legs were all taped together, I taped on the feathers in one piece to the body.  Next, it was time to paper mache the turkey!  I did the same process as the snowman, layering the newspaper all over the turkey, making sure that you place enough layers to make your item thick enough.  I painted the turkey a flat black first, then added a light dusting of orange all over the head and body, but used a few layers of orange on the beak and legs so they would stand out.

Now, the paper mache turkey will make a great (and comical) Thanksgiving centerpiece that will look adorable with those paper mache turkey legs place card holders that I made earlier! So, what do you think?

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family from all of us at Nikitaland!

Humorous Thanksgiving Place Card Holders

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we had to work quick to come up with another unique idea for place card holders, and if you know us, we always come up with something interesting.  Last year, we used pieces of a tree branch for our place card holders, so this year, we wanted to come up with something funny.

We did just that by creating Paper Mache Turkey Legs as our place card holders for the family!  These turned out better than what we expected and took no time at all to make.  We decided to make turkey legs because it seems that everyone wants them around the dinner table, and there are only two on a turkey, so we decided that they would enjoy their very own turkey leg! LOL

Get out your Sunday paper and ball up one piece of newspaper until it starts looking like a turkey leg, then twist the end to make the “bone”, then flip up the bottom of the newspaper to shape the end of the bone.  Use masking tape to form up the pieces into a turkey leg shape.  Now, how easy was that?!

Now, mix up a small batch of paper mache paste (just flour and water) until it is like a pancake mixture thickness.  Rip up small strips of newspaper and dip them in the paper mache mix, run your fingers over each strip to remove excess paper mache mix and place on your turkey legs until the whole leg is completely covered.  Let dry overnight.

You are now ready to paint your turkey legs!  Use any variation of brown paint for the “meat” part of the leg, then paint the bone part white.  Once dry, spray a clear coat over the turkey legs.  Then, to finish off the turkey legs, I created a small tag that says “Give Thanks” and attached it to each turkey leg with a piece of string.

I just can’t wait until the family sees the turkey legs sitting on their plate on Thanksgiving!  They should provide some great laughter around the dinner table for sure!

High Winds are Taking Out our Halloween Props – One by One

It has been raining here in Cleveland, OH for days non-stop.  My coat does not even get the chance to dry before I have to take the dogs out (again), but I am glad that I got a new pair of hot pink rain boots a few weeks ago as I am putting them to good use!

As I am sitting here at the kitchen table today, I am watching our Halloween props get taken down by the strong winds, one by one.  I heard a loud “thump” earlier today, and I thought to myself “now what was that“, so I looked outside, and our ghoul is now laying flat on his back in the yard.  He had enough of fighting the wind and gave up, and he is just laying there with his hands up in the air.  I am only surprised that he is not holding a white flag of surrender!

Our wood tombstones are even swaying back and forth even with the 7″ spikes that we have in the ground to hold them secure, as the ground is so saturated with water and the holes in the ground are huge.

A neighbor of ours just emailed us a notice from our city that Halloween on Wednesday night has been postponed due to the weather conditions of Hurricane Sandy, and will take place on Sunday instead.  We figured as much that this would happen, so we are not so surprised at the news.  Hopefully by Sunday the rain will have ceased a bit and give the trick-or-treaters a chance to gather some candy from the neighbors.

I will keep a lookout on the graveyard to see what else takes a dive as the day progresses.

How To Make A Bendable Mummy

Halloween is just around the corner and my mind is racing with ideas of things to make.  The days are counting down to the witching hour, the Halloween decoration are coming out of storage, and even the smallest decoration can make an impact on getting a good laugh, and a second look.

We picked up a pack of soft wire ties at KMart in the garden department that are used to tie up your veggies in the garden, and we thought that these would make a great body for a bendable mummy.  And, we were right!  The pack of wire ties came with 20 8″ ties in a pack, and we used 4 wire ties to construct our mummy.

First, we started by bending the first wire to make a round head and neck.  The second wire tie was wrapped around the neck to make the two arms, and then we attached two more wire ties, one for each leg.

Next, we opened up our small box of white gauze and cut the gauze strip in half.  Then, we started wrapping the gauze around the head to cover the green wire tie and worked our way down the rest of the body.  Once you have wrapped enough gauze around the mummy’s body to adequately cover the green wire ties, just tuck the end of the gauze under a piece of the gauze.

That’s it!  You have now just created your very own small bendable mummy that can be posed in any position you wish!  Have fun and make yourself a bendable mummy today and sit him on a shelf, have him hold a sign, pose him on your pumpkin, or hang him off your candy bowl!  You can probably hot glue some googly eyes on him, but we think our little mummy is just perfect the way he is!


It’s funny in a way, when I sit back and remember how Nikitaland was created just two years ago and it’s all because we needed kitty food.  We headed off to PetSmart to pick up some kitty food early so we could get home in time to watch the first Cleveland Browns game of the season.  Never in a million years would we have thought that we would be coming home with a puppy!  We have told this story probably a million times, but it is a good story to tell, and a happy one at that.

Nikita came from a litter of seven puppies, and after being born their mommy was poisoned with anti freeze and died.  The APL came to the rescue and took all the puppies who were in dire need of food and homes.  A foster Mom named Brea took in all seven of the puppies (bless her soul) and had to feed them around the clock to keep them healthy, and what a chore that was!  When the pups were old enough to be adopted, it was time for them to find their permanent homes.

That is where our story began.  We headed up to PetSmart to pick up some kitty food and we noticed that the APL had setup a pet fair in the parking lot, so we decided to head on over to see all the animals.  Oh how you just wanted to bring them all home with you as each and every one of them were adorable.  Then, we saw this little make-shift pen that had a bunch of puppies in it.  We walked over and looked inside and we could not resist picking one up.  At that moment we never imagined that we would be taking this puppy home with us, but we enjoyed the puppy kisses from her and snuggled her right back.  We set her back in the pen and Roy turned to me and asked “What do you think?”.  I said “What do you mean – – what do I think?”  Then he said, “Want to get her?”  I said “Are you serious?”  He said, “Yeah”.  So we bent back over and picked her up and it was all history after that!  The only thing at the time that made us sad (but only for a few seconds) was that another couple was looking at the same puppy we were and if we would have deliberated any longer, we might have lost out on this particular puppy.

So now we are holding our first dog and can take her home, but we had to first head into PetSmart to pick up everything we would need for a puppy, from a cage, to food, a collar and leash, and lots of toys!  As she sat in my arms all comfortable from her long day of looking adorable, she can now feel comfortable and confident that she was heading home to her new forever home.

When we first brought home Nikita, everyone came out of the woodwork and had to come visit her, then came the piles of emails of everyone asking for us to send them some photographs of her,  and finally I had the idea to just create a blog and share the link with everyone, then they could follow along our journey with our new puppy in her forever home.  That solved everything, for the moment, but what I did not realize that by starting a blog, that it would attract so much attention and almost 22,000 visitors later in two years, have met some of the most wonderful people & pets through the blog.  Our daily visitor counts sky rocketed with each new post, along with new subscribers, and most importantly new friends, as we shared our love for animals and tons of great stories.

So through the years, our love for writing has grown and a great blog was born.  I only wonder that if they had such things like blogs back when I was in school, how my writing style would have changed or grown to what it is now.  I could only imagine the things that I would have wrote about over the years, like perhaps my first new car (a Mustang GT), or lousy dates, friends, and parenting advice that I will never forget that I got from my Mom.  It would have been a real thrill to have read all of that and I am sure that most of you have gone through the same things growing up.

But now, being older, we appreciate different things, quieter things, and are just plain happy to stay at home, don’t you agree?  Nothing can compare to being in your own home, safe and sound, with your family and that includes the four-legged ones too, as they are just as big a part of the family as anyone else.  We treat them like humans some times, sometimes treat them better than our better halfs, but all in all, everything works out in the end, because we all love one another unconditionally.  Love is patient, love is kind, love is understanding, and even when people throw harsh comments at you, it rolls right off because why would anyone waste their breath to respond to people like that?  They are just probably unhappy in their own life and feel the need to criticize your life for some unknown reason, but never fear, I will laugh it off because I have a better heart.

With two years of blogging under my belt, I can say that we have experienced the best two years of being pet owners, have the nicest and most adorable dog named Nikita who is so soft that you can’t resist snuggling every time you see her, and now since we have adopted a new puppy last week named Bella, the next two years plus will have many more adventures as both Nikita and Bella become forever friends.

Nikitaland is a place where you can visit with a good cup of coffee and find some great stories, look at awesome photographs, pick up a new DIY craft idea or a recipe or two, but it will always leave you with a smile on your face, and perhaps a new friend too!

So, Happy 2 Year Anniversary Nikitaland and here’s to many more years to come and many more friends that we will meet along the way!

Welcome Our New Addition to Nikitaland: Introducing Bella

We are proud to announce that on Friday night, we added a new addition to Nikitaland as we adopted a new little bundle of energy & joy from the APL at the Adopt Around the Clock 24-Hour Pet Marathon.  There were 400 dogs & cats that needed to find their forever homes, so it was no surprise to us when we arrived and PetSmart’s parking lot was jammed packed with cars & people all over the place.   Cages were all over the place under tents in the parking lot filled with adoptable dogs and puppies and inside PetSmart it was filled with all the kitties and cats.  It was like a Furry-Palooza going on and we were so glad to see the great turnout that this event had.   We heard that the adoption goal was 300 pets, and we think that the total adopted was 237, so a lot of animals got to go home and start their new lives in their forever homes and that is awesome!  This is one great photo of how happy one certain puppy was to be adopted by a nice couple!  (Thanks Annette for adopting me!)

We spent a lot of time walking around meeting & greeting all of the dogs & puppies and when we saw a new batch of animals arriving, we knew that we had found our new puppy.  Bella, is what we named our new puppy, but it took us until Saturday morning to figure out what to name her.  She arrived in one of the vehicles from the APL and we saw her on the lap of one of the employees, and when she was brought into the tent area, we followed her.  We could not take our eyes off of her.  We ran into Uncle Dave from the APL who helped us with our adoption of Nikita two years ago and he took Bella out of her cage so we could hold her.  It was love at first sight!  We did a lot of thinking while we were there and wanted to make sure we were doing the right thing, as we had Nikita on our mind and wanted to make sure that she would be ok with a new puppy in the house, but after deliberating a bit, we decided to adopt Bella.

We had to head into PetSmart to grab a bag of puppy food since we did not have any at home, and PetSmart had given us a lot of coupons with our adoption, so our first bag of food was on them!  Thanks PetSmart!  Bella was already drawing attention from everyone who walked by us as they all had to pet her.  It seemed like deja vu all over again, as this is what happened when we walked through the store with Nikita just two years earlier.  We were finally on our way home with our new puppy, and we found out that not long after we left a huge thunder storm hit and a lot of the tents were blown down and they had to move all of the animals inside PetSmart, but all the dogs were safe which was good to hear.

As for me, I have not been able to sleep much since Friday night, since I have nominated myself to take Bella out every time she woke up to cut down on the accidents in the house.  I nominated myself so Daddy could get a good nights sleep as he has a very important job and we don’t want him heading into work with little sleep.  We love Daddy so much & want to thank him for everything! We were lucky when we adopted Nikita, as she did not whine or whimper not even once from the first day we brought her home, but Bella is a completely different story.  Friday night was hell from all the crying, but with each day that has passed, she has gotten a lot better at night and sleeps quite a few hours before she wakes up and needs to head outside.  Phew, I knew this was not going to be easy, but we did a good thing and gave another little puppy it’s forever home.

Nikita took to Bella quite well, and was wagging her tail when we brought her into the house for the first time.  It will take a little time for her to get used to having another dog in the house, but we feel that she will be ok.  We had noticed that Nikita was a little anxious or stressed a little because she was drooling all over the place like a Saint Bernard.  When we took Bella to the vets on Saturday for her first check up and she weighed in at 8.6 pounds, and Nikita got her nails clipped while we were there, we had asked the vet what the drooling was all about and he confirmed that she was a little stressed with the new puppy, but it will pass.  As of today, Nikita has not drooled, and that is a good thing!  The one thing though that Bella is doing to Nikita is running behind her and biting Nikita’s fluffy tail and Nikita hates this & runs like mad to get away from her.  Hopefully in time, Bella will be cured of this so she does not stress out Nikita.

On Sunday, Nikita took a little break from Bella and sat down on the couch to watch the Browns Game.  The Browns were playing the Philadelphia Eagles and unfortunately, they lost by ONE POINT!  Ouch, that hurts.

We have a lot to celebrate this week as Nikitaland is turning two years old on the 14th, and what better way to celebrate our two years than with two beautiful dogs, Nikita and Bella.  Nikitaland is now Nikitaland & Co., because we have made room for one more fluffy pup in our life, with lots of love to share.  Not only do we have two reasons to celebrate, but I have a third reason.  It’s because I get to spend every day with the love of my life to which I owe everything to.  (thanks for everything my Sweets!)

One of the neat things about Bella is that she is portraying some of the same traits that Nikita did when she was a puppy, as climbing into the fridge as Bella did this and went straight for Daddy’s wine bottle and started licking it (just leave some for Daddy when he gets home).

So, stay tuned as we will have many more stories to tell with the addition to our happy home!  Enjoy our small sampling of photographs of Bella, as we are sure that there will be many many more to come!  Enjoy & welcome Bella to her forever home!

When Pets Do Bad Things – On Purpose

We all love our pets, that’s true, but sometimes, and I mean sometimes, they do things that we know in our heart that it was done on purpose and out of spite.  We have a cat named Angelica, and she is the sweetest cat around, but lately, she has been doing things on purpose.

Most cats, and perhaps some dogs, don’t like the vacuum.  We know that our dog Nikita loves the canister vacuum, but when Mommy pulls out the upright vacuum, she runs.  It’s funny, because Nikita gets vacuumed every day with the canister vacuum and loves it.  She just stands there while Mommy runs the vacuum hose up and down her back to remove excess hair, but when the upright vacuum comes out, it is a totally different story.  She runs and peeks around corners when it starts up.

Angelica and the rest of our cats, don’t like the sound of the shop vac that Mommy uses in the basement on the tile floors, and they all run and hide.  But, Angelica seems to take things to an extreme, and lately, she has been “getting back at Mommy” and doing bad things on purpose, well at least that is how Mommy feels.  (Daddy agrees with Mommy on this one)  After Mommy runs the shop vac, which is a few times a week, Angelica poops.  Yes, she poops probably out of fear of the shop vac, but she is not pooping in the litter box, rather in discrete places around the basement.  Mommy is at her wits end with having the clean up these messes all week long, and today was the Mother of all ON PURPOSE things that Angelica did, as she poopied right in front of the basement door so when Mommy came downstairs this morning to give everyone breakfast, Mommy stepped right in the nice fresh and steamy pile of poop and slipped backwards onto the basement stairs!!!   Mommy was truly upset with this and is now trying to recover from her fall as she is laying down on the couch with a heating pad on her lower back.

We have asked for advice on this topic with the vets, and they said to not scold her when she poops in front of the litter box on the floor, because they said that “she thinks” she is doing a good thing, while the other cats actually use the litter box like it should be used.  The vets also said to never take the cat that is soiling (that is what they called it, but I call it pooping) outside the litter box over to the pile and yell at them, as this won’t work.  Just when I thought that ALL cats knew how to use a litter box when they were born, something must have got mixed up in Angelica since this seems to be her norm lately.   So what is a Mommy to do?  Do you have any advice as to how to re-train her to use the litter box, or is it too late and Mommy should just shut up about it, and go on her merry way every week and clean up the piles, then disinfect the floor afterwards?  If you were in Mommy’s shoes, you would be fed up to the top of your head with this, and today’s fiasco of her slipping in it was a prime example that something needs to be done.   We have even tried changing the litter to another brand, and that did not work, and we even read some tips that said to place a small bowl of food by the litter box where she was pooping on the floor because cats won’t “go” where their food is – and all we got with that tip was – – they ate the food and pooped right next to the empty bowl.  Geez.  HELP!

Send Them Back To School…with LOVE!

It’s that time of year again that kids dread most … heading back to school after a long Summer break.  Oh the things that they will miss, like sleeping in real late, swimming, going to theme parks & riding roller coasters, hanging with friends, and doing all sorts of other fun Summer things, but here’s a reality check kids – it’s that time of year again & it’s time to head back to school!

When the kids head back to school, it also means a lot of different things to the parents, like I now have time to do some major cleaning around the house, time to paint that room, or time to organize the garage to which we all put off doing.  It also means that the seasons are changing and we have already noticed it getting darker earlier in the evenings, and pretty soon we will feel the chill in the air to which at first, it will feel good to be away from those three-digit temps most of us have been dealing with, but it also means that Fall will be upon us before we know it, then the oh so dreaded snow.  (I know that I am not ready to start shoveling snow any time real soon myself)

I remember when I was in school (not going to mention how many years ago that was), but I remember how much I dreaded that first day back.  Ug, I can’t believe how fast Summer just flew by I would say to myself, but oh well, let’s get this day over already.  Back to school to most kids, means new clothes and new school supplies (and the list of things needed for kids these days are super duper long).   Anyhow, for Mom’s, you now have to start packing lunches for your little ones as they head out the door and this always makes me think back to that TV show, Leave it to Beaver, where June Cleavor would stand by the front door as Wally & the Beaver head out the front door with their brown lunch bags as they waved goodbye to Mom.

While you are preparing their lunches, either the night before or in the morning, make sure you sneak in a little note in their lunch so they will find later, as this will always brighten their day!  We have created some cute “Back to School” notes that you can printout on card stock paper and cut them out and have a few on hand when you need them.  What a great way to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them!  If you use any of these designs, why not take a photo of your note to share with us & we will add it this post!

So, have some fun, print some out and put a smile on your little angels faces!


Which Sport Would Your Pet Win an Olympic Medal In?

Let’s face it, we all think that we have the smartest dog in the world.  We brag about the things that they do, laugh at the silly things, and shake our heads at the things that shock us, but no matter what they get into, they are still our pets and we love them!  But does your pet have what it takes to bring home the gold? 

With the Summer Olympics in full swing right now, we thought that it would be fun to see “Which sport would your pet win an Olympic medal in?”   We know that Nikita has a good chance at winning some gold medals, but you be the judge. 

The Pet Olympics:  “Get your Game Face on

Paranormal Pooping

This activity is very paranormal.  Mommies from all over the world have been trying to solve this mystery for years.  Weird things have been happening.  We think our house is haunted.  That has to be the only answer as to why this is happening, and it never happens in front of us, yet it appears out of nowhere.  One minute you see nothing, then the next time you look … there it is! 

What is happening is that poop piles are appearing in the basement, paranormal poopies.  No way could the kitties be leaving us presents because we all know that every cat knows how to use a litter box when it’s born, so how can we find these entities where they should not be?  Perhaps something is scaring the poop out of the cats and that’s why these piles appear, but we think not.  So how do we get rid of these entities?

Yes, it’s true.  When cats are born, they instinctively know where they should poop and do their business, but we have one cat, named Angelica, who apparantly does not know that poop belongs “inside” the litter box.  She constantly goes right in front of it, or to the side of it, but never “in” it.  We have tried multiple things like changing the kitty litter (did not work), we have tried putting two litter boxes in the area to encourage her to “pick one” and go (but that did not work), so after disinfecting the area well (time after time), she still goes directly outside the box and it is driving Mommy nuts!  We have even heard that cats do not like to step on things that feel weird, and we might even try getting one of the those fake green grass plastic mats and place it in front of the litter box to keep her from doing her business outside the box, but with our luck, she will probably poop right on it.  (grrr)   We also read somewhere that placing a dish of food next to the litter box would stop the cats from pooping outside of the box, as the article stated that “cats don’t go where their food is (and that theory was thrown out after a day as we found a nice paranormal pile right next to the food dish!) 

We thought that our house had to be haunted to have these paranormal poopies keep showing up, because we know that all cats know how to use a litter box, or do they?  Have you ever had this problem with your cats?  If so, how did you correct the situation?  What methods did you try?  Did you scold your cats and take them over to their pile and tell them that was a no-no?  We need HELP and need some suggestions! 

*** We created a COMIC STRIP for Paranormal Pooping, so if you want a good laugh, click HERE to view it!  *** (if you were interested in creating your own comic strip, go to and create a free account)