How to Make Little Gift Envelopes


I can’t stop myself!  I am on a creative roll (no pun intended) on how to use up my wrapping paper scraps!  Ever since I found out how easy it was to Make Your own Gift Bags, I decided that some of my packages needed a “little note” to be attached to them, other than the regular gift tag.


So, I found a small coin envelope that I had laying around, measured it, and opened up my Microsoft Publisher and created a template for the Gift Envelope.  You can download the Gift Envelope template HERE. Now, I could have just told you to find an envelope yourself and trace it, but that is not me!  I wanted to provide you with a template to use!


Open up the PDF, and printout the gift envelope template (I included two on a page) onto card stock paper, then cutout the template.  Use this card stock template to trace onto your wrapping paper scraps, or any other colorful paper, or magazine page.


Next, just cut out the envelopes with either your scissors or x-acto knife, then fold in the two sides, then the top and bottom.  Crease seams.

For my gift envelopes, I just used scotch tape, but you could use your glue stick to close up your envelopes.


Now, the gift envelopes would not be complete without adding a little note inside, right?  Well, you are in luck, because I made six different designs for you to print out and use!  (these are on page 2 of the PDF)

My wrapping paper scraps are almost all gone right now, with all of these creative uses for how to use up the scraps!

In case you missed my post on How to Make Your Own Gift Bags, click HERE for the instructions!