How To Make A Bendable Mummy

Halloween is just around the corner and my mind is racing with ideas of things to make.  The days are counting down to the witching hour, the Halloween decoration are coming out of storage, and even the smallest decoration can make an impact on getting a good laugh, and a second look.

We picked up a pack of soft wire ties at KMart in the garden department that are used to tie up your veggies in the garden, and we thought that these would make a great body for a bendable mummy.  And, we were right!  The pack of wire ties came with 20 8″ ties in a pack, and we used 4 wire ties to construct our mummy.

First, we started by bending the first wire to make a round head and neck.  The second wire tie was wrapped around the neck to make the two arms, and then we attached two more wire ties, one for each leg.

Next, we opened up our small box of white gauze and cut the gauze strip in half.  Then, we started wrapping the gauze around the head to cover the green wire tie and worked our way down the rest of the body.  Once you have wrapped enough gauze around the mummy’s body to adequately cover the green wire ties, just tuck the end of the gauze under a piece of the gauze.

That’s it!  You have now just created your very own small bendable mummy that can be posed in any position you wish!  Have fun and make yourself a bendable mummy today and sit him on a shelf, have him hold a sign, pose him on your pumpkin, or hang him off your candy bowl!  You can probably hot glue some googly eyes on him, but we think our little mummy is just perfect the way he is!