When your Hedgehog Foams at the Mouth

Poor Hedgehog

This is the result of what happens when you leave a puppy unattended while putting away Christmas decorations – the results…  your Hedgehog foams at the mouth!    My Mommy just fixed my Hedgie last night, and I ripped open yet another gaping hole in him today!  Man, is Mommy going to be mad at me when she sees this!  Maybe she won’t notice Hedgie pieces all over the kitchen floor – wish I knew how to use a broom!    Now I know why Mommy is always checking up on me to see what I am doing – getting into trouble is what I accomplished today

Poor Hedgie, back into the “Pet Hospital” for him. 

Anyone know how to use a broom?

I’m gonna lay low for now & be good, until later…. Nikita