My Annual Visit to the APL

Yesterday, I got to head down to the Cleveland APL to see all of my friends.  I knew something was up when I saw Mommy packing up the water bottles for me and a bag of my treats – I knew I was going somewhere.  We got all packed up with my doggie essentials, I took a quick pee stop in the backyard and ran to the car – I can’t have them leave without me!  We headed down the street with my nose out the window sniffing away, and things started to look familiar to me.  Oh no, I thought, was I going to the V-E-T-S again – crap, but we crossed over the intersection of where we normally turn for the vets, and I was relieved.  Phew!  We even passed Santa Claus on our way and I sniff out the window in his direction, but you know how scared I am around this guy in the red suit!  (glad we were driving by him fast!)  We must be going somewhere fun then, I thought.  And, I was right!  We pulled into the parking lot at the Cleveland APL and I knew where I was.  When I got out of the car, I had a lot of “sniffing” to do, as I smelled lots of doggie scents on the ground and I had to sniff all of them.  It seemed like it took hours to get to the front door because I was taking so long to sniff sniff sniff everything.  Once inside, I was greeted by all of the familiar faces of the people I love at the APL. 

I got to see Molly first and she announced to Judy that I had arrived.  Judy came from around a corner to see me and saw how big I got.  She liked my cute pink bandanna that Mommy put on me and gave me a great big hug.  Judy even sat down on the floor to get a few photographs with me, since I am an APL celebrity!  LOL  (at least I feel like a celebrity when I visit them)  There was even a really nice guy who was behind the front counter (not sure what his name was, but I want to say “Hi” to him and thank him for the treats) and he told me that he remembers me when I was the size of a hampster.  When was I ever the size of a hampster?  Now that was funny. 

I also got to meet some really nice and well behaved kids while at the APL.  (wish I would have taken a photo with him) I saw this little boy who was getting a drink from the water fountain, and you know me when I hear running water, I head right for it.  I walked up to the little boy at the fountain and he did the cutest thing – he poured some water into his hand and gave me a drink.  Aw, wasn’t that the cutest thing?  Woof woof, thank you for being so nice to me.  I even gave the little boy one of my blog cards so he could follow me and watch me grow up, so I hope he does and says hi to me when he does!  (I liked that little guy!) 

We did not stay long at the APL, and we feel bad that we did not get to see Uncle Dave as we found out that he only works on the weekends, so “Hi” Uncle Dave & Merry Christmas to you & Lorie!  After we visited with our friends at the APL, we walked over to see the doggies who were waiting to be adopted.  It was so sad to see how many there was.  Just sitting in their cages, all of them were barking, and they all wished that they were heading home with someone for Christmas.  Every doggie needs a good home, and if you can find it in your heart to adopt, please visit your local APL and take one home with you for the holidays and give them the love that want and need.  Wouldn’t you smile too upon your arrival home to see a wiggly butt waiting to greet you?  I thought so. 

Looking thru the window at all the doggies

Before we left the area by the APL, Mommy walked down the road and snapped a few photographs of some of the graffiti she saw.  Don’t know why people feel that they have to spray paint their names on buildings and deface property, but they do.  Maybe they should pull out some canvas and try painting on that. 

Anyhow, I just wanted to thank the APL again for all that they have done for me, as I now have a happy home with lots of love, an over-abundance of toys that would make any dog drool at my toy box, good healthy food to eat, a roof over my head, a wam bed to sleep in, and a never-ending supply of doggie treats.  Thank you from the top of my fluffy head to the bottom of my fluffy tail! 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from one happy puppy!
Love, Nikita