When you Turn Another Year Older – Surviving A Birthday

Birthday’s sure sneak up on you.  Just when you celebrate one, it seems that another one is just around the corner and it appears that they seem to arrive quicker and quicker after you hit a certain age.  After Daddy spent the entire weekend working hard while at home monitoring things at the office, today he woke up to enjoy his birthday! (he took a well-deserved vacation day on Friday to enjoy a nice long weekend)   He walked into the kitchen today to find a huge “Happy Birthday” sign and a pile of presents waiting for him on the table.  Man, was he surprised!  Nikita was right there next to Daddy as he opened his presents, one by one, as she wanted the wrapping paper really badly.  (if you crinkle a piece of paper, Nikita thinks it is for her)  A birthday is not complete without a birthday cake, right?  So Mommy went to work and baked Daddy a triple chocolate cake with triple chocolate frosting and even let Daddy sample the batter!

Daddy even got a surprise when he opened up the back door as he saw his birthday driveway art that Mommy drew wishing him a happy birthday!  Aw, is what Daddy said and his birthday surprises for the day continue!

Mommy made Daddy something really special for his birthday, as she is very creative and he loved it.  Since “Home is Where the Heart is” she made him a wood house plaque and made a string art heart on the house.  She will show you how she made it, in case you want to make one for yourself. 

She started out with her house template that she used to make her Fourth of July house boxes, and cut out a house from pressed wood.  She then sanded it really smooth, and painted it with a gloss black finish paint.  The next step she cut out a heart shape big enough to fit in the center of the house and taped it to the wood house.  Then she carefully, one by one, hammered small nails around the outside of the heart shape (approximately 55 nails) about 1/4″ apart.  Next, she removed the heart template from the center of the nails.  Now comes the fun part, as she tied the end of a piece of yarn to one nail, then just strung the yarn continuously from one nail to another, back and forth across the heart until she strung the yarn around each nail head.  The finished heart is now a puffy string art heart!  (Click HERE for the house & heart template)

Daddy had such a great birthday as his phone rang off the hook with incoming birthday wishes and his family stopped by to help spread the birthday cheer through the house.  Nikita spent the day amusing everyone with her cute antics and now she is pooped and will probably sleep the rest of the night.  LOL   We all had a great day with Daddy helping him celebrate his birthday and have definitely over dosed on the triple chocolate cake and will slip slowly into a chocolate coma tonight!  It is definitely confirmed that the best way to survive a birthday is to celebrate it with family.  Happy Birthday Roy, we love you!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Sing along with me…
Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday Dear Daddy…
Happy Birthday to you!

If you haven’t already guessed, today is my Daddy’s birthday!  Make sure you send him birthday wishes today!  My Daddy is special because he takes such good care of me and makes sure that I have plenty of good food to eat, a treat jar that never is empty, and provides me with more toys than most dogs have.  He is such a good provider and a loving Dad and I am so happy that I can spend his special day with him. 

I love our “special” moments together whether it be playing catch with my toys, or receiving butt rubs every night, or when I beg for my three treats every night at dinner, or when it’s “time for bed” and I snuggle next to Daddy before I head off to sleepyland.  Every moment I get to spend with my Daddy is special because I love him so much.  Daddy works in the Cardiac Diagnostic Services industry and he works really hard all day, so I make sure that I always greet him at the door with a big warm welcome because he deserves it! 

Happy Birthday Daddy
Hugs & Kisses from all of us,
Mommy, Nikita, Prinster, Angelica, Gabriel, Scootie & Buttons

P.S. – Don’t forget to send Daddy Birthday Wishes today!