Birthday Hangover

I have been napping all day!  I celebrated way too much yesterday on my birthday and I am one pooped doggie!  I got up once because I heard the UPS truck heading down the road, and I always run to the window to see them, then I put myself back to bed.  I got up a little later to grab a quick bite to eat, then back to napping.  Man, I just realized that I did not get any sleep yesterday because I spent the entire day chasing balloons all around the house, breaking a few along the way, and then my party started and when I finally hit the hay, I was dog tired. 

I had such a great time at my birthday party, as my Grandma, Auntie and my Uncle Steve (our next door neighbor) came over to help celebrate me turning two.  We dined on the cake pops that Mommy made for the party and Auntie brought over some cupcakes too, drank a little vino and everyone enjoyed watching me open my presents.  Uncle Steve even brought over his new little black lab puppy named Mollie to the party and we are getting acquainted as I just met her the other day for the first time.  Mollie was so adorable and I can’t wait to enjoy some great times with her. 

I got some great gifts and loved all of them!  I even got a free toy from PetSupplies Plus that sent me a postcard to pick up my free toy and Daddy & Mommy took me to the store so I could pick something out.  I chose a purple eggplant for my free toy, as I thought it was appropriate since Daddy & Mommy are now gardeners and this toy is so much fun because it has this really strange squeaker in it.  (kinda like a really old car horn sound)  I can’t believe that PetSmart did not send me a postcard for a free toy because Daddy has spent a lot of money at that store and they could have at least given me a free toy for my birthday!  (Hey PetSmart… if you are reading this, how come I did not get a free toy for my birthday?) 

My Auntie and Grandma got me my favorite dry doggie food and four cans of squishy too (Thanks for the good food and making sure my tummy is full), and Uncle Steve got me a stuffed beaver and some Bonz.  (Thanks Uncle Steve)  Daddy & Mommy got me a new Raised Food Dish so I don’t have to bend down to eat or drink.  It is the perfect height for me to eat which is better for  my digestion.  (Thanks Daddy for thinking of me)  And Mommy found me a really cool sterling silver starfish to hang on my collar and it makes me look like a “star”!   Thanks to everyone for all the great gifts as I loved them all! 

I can’t believe how dog tired I am today though.  I don’t know how some of you do it, but I am one pooped dog.  Perhaps tomorrow I will feel better.  But I had the best birthday ever and enjoyed all of the company, toys, and treats!

Here’s some of the photographs of my wonderful day!