Post Halloween Highlights 2013


Halloween 2013 was a typical night for us.  It rained the entire day and it rained (rather poured) the entire two hours of trick-or-treating.  It was miserable.  I felt bad for all the little trick-or-treators who were bundled up from the cold, their costumes were covered up so they could keep warm, as they walked door to door under their parents umbrella.



We were all ready to bring up all of our expensive Halloween Animatronic props to set in the driveway for the kids, but due to the rainy conditions, we had to leave all of our “cool props” inside so they would not get ruined. We were bummed.  We could not even bring out our cemetery gateway on Halloween because that is only made of boxes, masking tape and some spray paint, and that would have been ruined by the rain, not to mention the winds.  Another bummer.


I spent about a half hour applying my Halloween makeup to transform myself into my favorite Johnny Depp character, Edward Scissorhand. All I kept thinking while I was standing outside in the rain was “I hope my makeup does not run”.  I stood there freezing my butt off in my costume and could not wait for the two hours of treat night to be over already.


We stood in between our front bushes next to the house trying to stay out of the rain and keep dry as we awaited for the kids to walk up the driveway. One by one, the kids arrived.  Since it was raining, we did not get the large groups we normally do in the first hour of trick-or-treating, so that means that we have lots of candy leftover.  (I guess that is not a “bad” thing), but we would have rather passed it all out to the kids.  


I am not sure if Murphy’s Law had anything to do with Halloween night, but the day before Halloween was absolutely beautiful weather (as we even enjoyed a fire pit that night and had our neighbors come over), and the day after Halloween was overcast, but no rain.  We are used to these weather conditions, always hope for the best…..but we never get what we want for treat night.

Here is a quick video of our front yard home haunt with music, two fog machines going, and yes, Nikita barking in the background at the trick-or-treators!  (LOL)