What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

No, this does not have anything to do with Tombstone Pizza, rather it has all to do about Halloween Tombstones!  We make handmade wood tombstones from pressed wood for Halloween (not sure if you knew this) and we sell them on our eBay store.  We got this idea last year as we were frustrated with our own styrofoam tombstones falling down in our yard every year from the wind, so we set out to design some tombstones for ourselves, and when they turned out better than what we originally thought, we decided to add them to our eBay inventory and they have gone over well. 

We have a lot of designs to choose from, so take your pick!  Here’s what we do for you:  We hand cut your wood tombstone from pressed wood, then sand it smooth, then we cut a wood base for you, and also include the screws for the base and the two 7″ spikes to pound into the ground.  What do you do?  When you receive your wood tombstone, you paint & finish it the way you want or add some creative tombstone epitaphs with stencils, then make sure you add a clear coat when you’re all done to help seal the wood from the outside elements. 

Here are some of the designs we have for sale on our eBay store, and keep checking back, as we will be adding more designs before Halloween. 

Listed below are some of the tombstones that we have finished / painted for our front yard, just to give you an idea of how you can paint or stain your own tombstones.  Be creative, as the more creative you are, the better your tombstone will turn out. 

We know that it is just June now, but with Halloween about 127 days away, planning for the witching hour takes time.  Even if you are planning on purchasing some new Halloween props this year, our advice to you is to SHOP EARLY as all of the places that sell Halloween props & decorations always sell out early and they don’t restock their inventory either!  Once it’s gone, it’s gone!  So, shop early to get the cool stuff you want, or you will only be left with the items that no one else wants.   Here is the link to our eBay store, and where you can purchase a tombstone for yourself!


Fall is Definitely Upon Us

The weather has done a 360 on us here in Cleveland, the winds have whipped up some unbelievable arctic air drafts over the weekend, the leaves are coming down so fast that they blanket the entire yard, and we have to run interference from the chipmunks nibbling on our pumpkins.  Every time I need to go outside, I get so distracted because just when I find a spot to go, a leaf blows by me and I have to chase it.  Ok, I found another spot to go, swoooosh there goes another leaf – gotta go get it.  Mommy was getting annoyed with me this weekend as it took double the time for me to go since there was so much “action” in the yard.  I heard her saying out loud, “what is it with dogs anyways that they have to sniff and sniff and sniff the same spot a thousand times before they actually go?”  I don’t know why we walk all over the exact same spots we just sniffed, only to turn around and do it again, sniff sniff sniff, oh wait, did I miss a spot, while Mommy is standing there behind me in the pouring rain getting soaked waiting for me to find the right spot so I can go.  I guess the world will never know why us dogs do this, but we do.

As you can see from the photograph above, Daddy’s pumpkin is almost completely orange and he will be cutting it off the vine soon.  (we even saw 2 little ghosts in his pumpkin patch too)  The vines are all dying and shriveling up which marks the end to this pumpkin plant for the year.  We had a fun time watching it grow from a tiny little sprout, to what we think is about a 10+ lb. pumpkin.  One thing that I never knew, or would have never known if we never tried growing our own pumpkin, was the fact that at the bottom of every pumpkin is where a flower once bloomed & was pollinated.  If the flower does not get pollinated, then the pumpkin will not grow.  Interesting fact, one that we did not know.  So when you are at the store picking out your pumpkin, turn it over and look at the bottom and you will know that a flower once bloomed there! 

Mommy finished her EEK and we have it sitting on our bookshelf.  It is amazing how good she has become with a jigsaw and she surprises Daddy with all of her creations.  She also made us a bat for our back door and stenciled “Beware” on it.  Now comes the fun part, since Daddy & Mommy has sold tons of their wood tombstones already, she has been trying to keep their own supply of wood tombstones up so that they have some to put in their yard for Halloween.  Mommy has to start painting all of their supply of tombstones now to get them ready for the yard, and she will most definitely take a photograph or two of how they look out in the yard.  They can’t wait to see how it all ties into together with their other Halloween props!  Even our “Uncle Dave” emailed us and said that he wants to come over to see our yard for Halloween!  I hope he does stop by as we will make sure we have a candy bag ready for him! 

Mommy created another interesting dinner item:  Cheese & Garlic Pita Wedges, and she thought that she would share the recipe with you.  Go ahead and make some tonight or have them with your spaghetti or chilli, as these would go nicely with them. 

4 White Pita Bread Slices
4 Ounces Butter, melted
3 Cloves Garlic, crushed
2 Tablespoons chopped fresh Basil
1/3 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese

How to Make:
Split the pita bread in half, cut each half into 4 wedges.  Combine the butter, garlic and basil, brush over cut side of bread wedges, then sprinkle them with Parmesan cheese.  Place in single layer on cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 10 minutes or until crisp.   NOTE:  You can also make these using tortillas if you don’t have pita bread.

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed nice & warm, as Mommy is going to pull out my winter fleece sweater for me to wear soon.  Keep your finger crossed too because the Browns play the Titans today at 1:00pm – Go Browns! 

Present for Grandma

Shhhhh, don’t tell Grandma, but we made her something for Halloween!  Since Mommy has been busy cutting & sanding tombstones for Halloween, she thought it would be a nice surprise for Grandma if we made her one as a surprise.  What do you think? 

Daddy & Mommy found some nice wood numbers & embellishments at Pat Catans craft store to put on the tombstone.  Mommy even cut out the little bat that’s on top of the tombstone from some scrap pressed wood, and painted them.  They are going to spray the address number & little ghost with some Krylon Glowz spray paint too.  The Glowz paint is supposed to charge in light so that it will illuminate at night.  Pretty cool, eh? 

If you want one for yourself, let us know!  Daddy & Mommy have their tombstones for sale on eBay, but they can personalize one for you too!

Just don’t tell Grandma about her present – just keep it between us!