Garden Update: April 28th

Much has happened since my last garden update. We needed to purchase a new plant table as our old table just was not long enough to hold all of our little plants. We now have a nice six foot long table that has enough room to spread out our plants across the table & give them room.


Our neighbor, Shawn, whom we are so thankful for, helped us out in a big way. Our one four-bulb grow light had gone on the fritz and we were down to only one grow light, BIG problem!  Shawn took a look at our light and said that the ballasts in the grow light needed to be replaced. We know nothing about anything electrical, so he replaced the two ballasts in our light and it works so nice now! Thank you so much Shawn for helping us out, as our plants are so happy now!




Since we got our nice new long table, I had a lot of work ahead of me because I now had to transfer all of our plants (about 85 plants) from one table to the new one. I also had to rearrange the hooks in the ceiling to hang the grow lights from so the entire table of plants was well lit. I just used those nice little curved hooks that screwed right into the beams in the ceiling and attached metal chains to hang the grow lights on.


What a difference in having enough room to move your plants around!

PLANTS2 4-27-14

We have enough room to add more plants, if needed.

PLANTS3 4-27-14

The table is full of vibrant growing happy plants!

4-27-14 Plants

The gangs all here and getting along nicely!


Our plants are coming along nicely and we won’t be planting them in the garden until the end of May because we have to wait for any last frosts that may occur. I might have to start a few additional seeds just to make sure that we have enough plants for the garden.


Our Bush Lake Beans plants are so beautiful, and our Juliet Tomato and Big Boy Tomato plants are getting bigger by the day. Our red peppers, green peppers, Flat Dutch Cabbage, cucumbers, and cantaloupe plants are coming along nicely too.  When it gets to the time in May when we take our plants out in the garden, we will also be planting leaf lettuce and Romaine lettuce too.  We would have had Romaine lettuce last year, but when we had a deer jump our fence, he ate all the Romaine and it never came back.

CUCUMBER 4-27-14

Like I said, we have been super busy over here getting the garden area in shape for this years growing season, and I finally got the stepping stone walkway in and completed. Our new little walkway looks so wonderful and it is a beautiful addition to our garden area. Our grass around our garden was never in that good shape, so I decided that I was going to change that this year. I worked all day yesterday laying a nice thin layer of topsoil all over the grassy area and I will spread grass seed all over the topsoil. The light topsoil topcoat will help the new grass seed germinate better and will make the grassy area thicker once it is established.


I also worked on cleaning up our strawberry patch picking out all of the leaves and straw from the winter, and I did some research on how to maintain strawberries. What I learned is that when a strawberry creates a runner and establishes a new plant, that you should cut the runner between the plants as it sucks life out of the plants. It makes a lot of sense and I am glad that I read this information, as I have a lot of runners to clip! Just don’t clip any green runners, wait until they have browned a bit before clipping!


Last year I saved every seed from the sunflowers that our Auntie Rene gave us and I wanted to see if the seeds would germinate, so I planted two seeds and waited. In just four days, I have two sunflowers coming up! I planted them in a little container and placed them under our grow lights and I was shocked on how quick the seeds germinated! I can’t wait to plant them out in the garden again as they were so beautiful to watch grow!


So, what did you do over the weekend? What are you growing?

Enjoying Life

Awaiting Springs ArrivalOver here in C-Town (Cleveland, OH) at this time of year, we take it one day at a time as you just never know what the weather will be like.  For instance, yesterday morning, I happened to look outside and it was a white out, now this morning it’s full sun.  It’s still cold, around 34 degrees, but each day that passes, we know that we’re closer to better weather and closer to flip flop time!  I just had to have a little fun and run out in the snow with my flip flops on in the hopes that I could make all the snow go away!

SNOWFALL 3-13-13


We have already started our seeds a few weeks ago for our garden and have been faithfully watering them every day while they soak up the warmth from our grow lights in the basement.  We love watching something that we planted pop up out of the dirt as some of the seeds were so small that I had to use tweezers just to pick them up and place them in small hole I made in the seed tray.  Our neighbor planted just two Juliet Tomato plants in his garden and he ended up reaping the rewards of probably over a thousand Juliet Tomatoes that he shared with his family.  We could not believe that just two plants produced so many tomatoes, so we have started a few Juliet’s in our seed tray and pray that we can get the same results.




We had good luck last year with our Flat Dutch Cabbage, so we planted 18 seeds and are watching them pop up out of the dirt in the seed tray!  We planted these for Daddy’s Mom so she can make stuffed cabbage!  We also started red and green peppers, and Big Boy Tomato plants too.  A lot of our other seeds won’t be started indoors and will be planted directly into the garden like our leaf lettuce and zucchini, but we will start our cucumbers indoors a few weeks before the end of May, or before our last frost date.  I know one thing for sure, that if you walked into our laundry room (that is also used to store all of our eBay inventory) you would be greeted by some of our Halloween props just hanging around, like our life-sized skeletons that watch over our little seedlings.


Nikita and Bella

Nikita and Bella definitely know that the weather is changing as they are hearing & seeing more wildlife these days.  The words “Big Doggies” get the dogs running to the front windows only to see all of the deer that we have running around the neighborhood.  When it is nap time for Nikita, nothing disturbs her, but Bella hears everything and alerts us when the Big Doggies are around the house, or in some cases, walking down the sidewalk which makes me laugh every time I see it.  We even saw our first Robin the other morning, which means that Spring is very near!



NIKITA 3-14-13


Nikita was posing for me in the sun this morning and I just had to capture how beautiful she is with some photographs.  I love the many faces that she has when she looks around the neighborhood, so intense, so intelligent, so cuddly!  Since the sun is out today, we headed on over to the park and took a nice walk and enjoyed the sun while it’s here, and I am sure that nap time will soon be here.

Nap Time