FREE Printable Christmas Gift Tags

I had a little time this morning and decided to create five different gift tags that you can print out on card stock paper for your holiday gifts. (and don’t forget to punch a little hole in them to tie onto your package too!) I hope you like them, and if you have any ideas you want me to try to create for you, or perhaps, personalize something for you, let me know.  I am always up for the challenge!

Free Printable Gift Tags from Nikitaland 2013

From left to right, the gift tags are:

Gift Tag No. 1:  Have yourself a merry little Chistmas
Gift Tag No. 2:  Happy holidays
Gift Tag No. 3:  Stay warm & cozy
Gift Tag No. 4:  Cheers
Gift Tag No. 5:  No peeking

Hope I started your gift wrapping off with a smile!

P.S. – As a bonus, you can also print out the naughty or nice gift tag too!

Father’s Day Free Printables – Gift Tags & Cards

Father’s Day is this Sunday and we wanted to share with everyone our selection of Father’s Day cards and gift tags.  The best way to use these are to print them out on cardstock paper.  The greeting cards are in two different designs and after you print them out, just cut straight down the middle of the paper (or fold in half to get your score line), then fold the cards in half again. 

Here are the two designs of the Father’s Day Cards, and the link.


Click here for the Father’s Day Gift Tags

Father, Papa, Daddy, no matter what you call him, it means the same to all of us, as he is the person whom you admire for many reasons.  He provides for the family, works hard every day, and makes sure his family is safe.  He is the guy that everyone in the family looks up to because we love him. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s in the world, but my Daddy is the best!

Do You Know a MOM-Arazzi?

We all know what the paparazzi are, but do you know a MOM-Arazzi?  A MOM-Arazzi is a Mom who follows you around all day and photographs everything that you do.  She thinks that everything you do is cute, adorable, and needs to be photographed and preserved as a memory in time.

I’ve got a Mom like that.  She always has her camera ready, within reach, to catch all the things that I do.  You gotta love her, I do.  On top of being a Mom-Arazzi, she is also the bestest Mom I have ever had as she takes good care of me, brushes me a couple of times a week, brushes my pearly white teeth once a week, wipes my paws dry when I come in from outside on a rainy day, picks up after me outside, and she always puts away all of my toys at the end of every day.  WOW, what a MOM!  (Mom upside down is WOW, ya know!) 

With Mother’s Day coming up in less than a month, we thought it would be a great idea to share stories about our Mom’s.  How has your Mom inspired you?  What valuable lessons did she teach you when you were growing up?

Here is one valuable life lesson that my Mom said to me when I was younger, that I have never forgot…  When I was younger, I had asked my Mom “How do I know what is the right thing to do?”   She thought on this one for a second, then said to me “When you have a decision to make and don’t know which one is the right one – think of it this way….  if Dad and I were standing on either side of you – what decision would you make?”   That phrase from my Mom has stuck with me for years.  I could just imagine me somewhere trying to figure out how to make a decision when I was younger and the thought of my Dad and Mom standing next to me… guess which decision I made?  The RIGHT ONE for sure!  (Pass this one on to your kids!) 

Since Mom’s are the best, make sure that their presents for Mother’s Day are unique, and/or handmade as these are filled with love.  And, since we love making free printables, we have made some tags to adorn your Mom’s gifts for Mother’s Day.  Click here for the tags! 

Tell us how your Mom has inspired you and some of the great lessons you have learned along the way.

Thanks Mom! 

Download Your Holiday Gift Tags Today!









Gift giving is fun!  But making your gifts look fabulous is an art.  We know that not everyone can wrap a gift like a professional, but you try and we give you credit for that.  Make your gifts look even better with some home made gift tags, ready for you to download today!  We have seven designs to choose from, and even ones for your four-legged furry friends, and one for when you share all of your delicious baked goodies too.  We love coming up with great ideas for you for all the seasons, and we hope that you find our gift tags wonderful!  (Note:  Once you purchase a gift tag, your PDF will be available for you to printout at home & we suggest that you print it out on cardstock to make a better tag!)

Check them out today here!
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