PetSmart – Like a Kid in a Candy Shop

Yesterday, I headed off to PetSmart with Daddy & Mommy and boy was I one happy puppy to be heading to my favorite place, PetSmart – “it’s like a kid in candy shop” atmosphere for us dogs! 

Upon entering the cool automatic sliding doors in front of PetSmart, we got to meet this nice guy in the yellow shirt.  I ran right up to him for a pet and he said “Hi, I’m the PetSmart Greeter“.  Woah, wait a minute!  I thought that I was the unofficial PetSmart greeter! (lol)  I then ran right up to the first register and actually pushed some customers away so that I could jump onto the counter for a treat.  Gotta get my treat upon entering the store.  Everyone, of course, laughed at my shenanigans, but that is what I do, it’s what I know and what I have done ever since I got big enough to jump up onto the counter.  But I know where I get my treats from! 

We continued throughout the store and got to meet many more nice people!  We got to meet this really nice lady in the cat food area and she gave me a lot of attention.  Boy she was really nice!  I just sat right next to her side while she petted me and gave me attention.  Aw, I love the attention and some times feel that every person I pass, “they” have to pet me!  It’s funny that I do that, but I love meeting people and love all the kids I get to meet. 

We ran into the nice guy in the yellow shirt and his wife again and Mommy snapped a photo of us.  He told us that they were getting a new puppy, a yellow lab, that day and were picking up all the essentials they needed for their new arrival!  How cool is that!  We hope that he contacts us and sends us a photo of their new little furry pup so I can show you their new four-legged friend.  I remember the day when I was adopted and how Daddy and Mommy walked all around PetSmart and picked up all the things that I needed before we headed home. 

While walking around the store, I got to meet a lot more people and also ran into “Mike the Nutrition Guy” who remembered me which was so cool.   Mike always gives me attention no matter how busy he is! 

All in all, it was a good day, another successful trip to PetSmart, and more great friends that I got to meet.  I love going to PetSmart as I feel like a kid in a candy shop, or as my Mommy would say when she heads to Staples (as she loves office supplies & sticky notes).  You can only imagine what I did when we got home…slept like a baby! 

Until next time… we hope that we run into that nice guy in the yellow shirt and their new four-legged best friend.  We’ll be watching for you! 

Love & hugs,