Hello April


4-3-13 Current TempsApril has finally arrived.  We should have flowers blooming and the weather should have improved by now.  Yesterday, as I worked on finishing re-potting all of our seedlings, I watched the snow flurries cover the ground.  It all melted, but just watching it snow made me sick.  It was 28 degrees this morning.  The dogs doo doo’s were steamy as they sat there piled up on the ground. This is definitely not flip flop season yet.  One can only hope.

I’m working on finishing up a craft project that I will be sharing with you soon, and I hope you will enjoy it.  I have Spring on my mind.  Warmer weather in my thoughts.  And flip flops that are dying to be worn.  Here’s a sneak peak of my project.  Can you figure out what it is?

No 1

This will be Bella’s first full summer with us, as we adopted her last year in September.  She will soon have fun romping in the sun with Nikita in the backyard as they love playing with each other.  They each whine for the other when one is outside.  The sit side by side at the front windows to patrol the neighborhood.  If one barks at something, the other chimes in.  When the neighbors arrive home, they run through the house to the back windows to bark “hello” to them.  Nikita loves heading outside with Mommy and always is ready to lend a hand when I’m working in the yard.  She loves rolling all around in the grass and chasing birdies.



Dreaming of nicer weather.  Dinners out on the patio.  Fire pit nights.  Cooking on the grill.  Not wearing a coat, hat & gloves.  Ah, Summer, here I come!








Footwear Fashionista’s

We have to leave the house some times.  We leave our dogs alone.  Did you ever wonder what your dog does when you are not home?  I do.  For the most part, I want to think that they find a nice comfy spot and take a nap and wait for my arrival home. They guard the house.  They are on patrol.  They know who belongs in the neighborhood.  They bark at the unknown.  They bark at people they don’t like.  They bark at stray cats scurrying across the road.  They bark at “Big Doggies” aka deer who take strolls down our sidewalks a few times a day.  They don’t bark at the Postman.  Don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because they see him every day and he does not pose as a threat.  They get overly excited for the “Guys in Brown” aka UPS, as they visit the house often during the week.  They can hear the rumble of that UPS truck down the road and it is not even in sight yet, and run to the windows to wait for its arrival in front of the house.  Silly dogs.

Footwear Fashionista

Other than attaching a camera to your dogs collar to view what they are doing while you are away, what do you think your dog does when you are not at home?  I had to find out.  After some investigating, what I found out is that the dogs love to try on my shoes.  Yes, that’s right!  I captured some funny photographs of their “Fashion Show”.  It was as if they were walking down the “Catwalk” strutting their stuff in MY shoes, but why is it called a Catwalk?  They would prefer it be changed to a “Dogwalk” instead, but isn’t that something that WE do with them?  We walk the dog.  Take the dog for a walk.  So a Dogwalk would include us in that scenerio.  All I can say is, silly dogs.

Footwear Fashionista2

I guess I never have to wonder why my flip flop straps are always pulled smaller, as Bella has taken over wearing mine.  And now the mystery is solved of how muddy paw prints are always in the bottom of my hot pink rain boots…thanks Nikita.  If I were you, I would check your own shoes for evidence of dog.  I must watch too much Law & Order, as I know for a fact that a little piece of evidence is always found at a crime scene.  DNA tests are being run as we speak.

Bella Wearing Flip Flops

Bella Im So Cool

Bella Footwear Fashionista

Mother Nature Can Be Cruel

Nikita playing in the snow
picasion Nikita playing in the snow

Well, it’s supposed to be Spring around here, but Mother Nature has a different plan for us.  Instead of watching all the Spring bulbs popping out of the ground, which they are, and watching them start to bloom, they are covered up under a pile of snow. One year ago around this time, we had temps in the 80’s, which normally does not happen and our trees bloomed early because they were confused.  So, one year later, instead of our weather getting warmer as the days of the calendar pass us by, we are still dealing with shoveling snow and low temps.

Our poor little Spring blooms that have peeked out of the ground, are stunned by the cold and the blanket of snow that covers them, and will probably not bloom this year. The dogs, however, are still enjoying the snow on the ground.  They run and play, eat the snow (hopefully not the yellow snow), and love digging in the snow piles.  It is hard to get them to come back inside after enjoying a romp in the white stuff.

But, while inside, I still need to constantly watch our little puppy Bella, as what you need to do for any pup.  When Bella disappears, that usually means trouble.  I always think the best, but when I go investigate on what she is up to, most of the time she is being sneaky and up to something.  I usually do a toy head count and know which one is gone from the toy box, and then I find her…. laying so innocently in the other room ripping apart a toy and yanking the stuffing out.  I have seen my fair share of “stuffing” in poop piles, and have had enough of that sight, but as to why they do this still is a mystery to me.


Pet Hospital Patient

Our “Pet Hospital” which resides on top of the fridge is always jammed packed with patients who need bandaged and sewed, and although I try my best, sometimes a “limb” needs to be surgically removed.  Oh, those poor toys that sit in the toy box missing an arm or a leg, a eye has been sewn shut, and they start to look like Franken-Toys with all the battle scars across their chest.  Poor poor toys, you sure have been through a lot, but you still hang in there, and have high fears the next time you are yanked out of the toy box wondering if “this” will be the day that we have to put you down.  Bella is always innocent.  She gives me that “it wasn’t me” look, and always points the finger at Nikita.  We know better.  Nikita hasn’t ripped up a toy in a long time, so we know who the culprit is that is doing all the damage to their poor toys.  The Pet Hospital is always open for business.

The time it took me to write this post… another toy lost its life!  RIP orange ball.  For sure, more stuffing will be found later today in a steaming pile of poo.
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