When Life Gets Busy

TGIF! When Summer finally arrived here, we got busier. We get to head out of the house, wear flip flops, plant flowers, change our clothes to fun Summer wear, garden, grill out, and enjoy the outside weather with the dogs. Every time I work out in the yard, the dogs are there with me, soaking up the sun and sniffing everything. We have had a cotton tree blow cotton poofs all over the place and it looked like it was snowing. With those cotton poofs landing in the garden, that means a lot weeding.

NIKITA AND BELLA 6-12-14Nikita and Bella love heading into the garden area with me, as they think it is another room. It’s funny how excited they get while I am opening up the gate. They walk around our raised garden beds and sniff all the plants. Bella even chased a chippie for me the other day and was all pumped up from her chase. She kept looking for more to appear and watched closely.

STRAWBERRIES 6-12-14Our strawberries are finally ripening this week and we’ve picked bowlfuls of them each and every day. Nothing beats a home grown strawberry to eat.

BABY BUCKThis is a baby buck I saw resting in our neighbors yard. When you look closely, you can see his small rack. The deer population in our area just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and they definitely need some birth control! Babies are popping up every day around here. They are beautiful to look at, but all we think of when we look at them is being our enemy. They have damaged already so much of our flower beds this year, ate all of our hostas, day lillies, nipped off all the new growth on our burning bush and pretty much half of our back flower bed.

Our neighbor had asked me the other day why our garden fence was so high and I told her that the deer got in our garden last year and jumped our six foot high fence. I told her that I had to go higher this year to hopefully prevent another deer attack on the garden. Preventative maintenance is the cure, we hope.

FIRE HYDRANT FLUSHING2 6-6-14FIRE HYDRANT FLUSHING 6-6-14Our city had the yearly hydrant flushings this week. The dogs were woo wooing at the front window at the firemen and I laughed. I went to the door to snap a photo of them, and when they saw me, they even posed for a photograph! Silly firemen, but I loved it!

BELLA 6-11-14Here’s Bella posing for me as I entered the back door. She is so photogenic!

MARIGOLDSI planted lots of marigold seeds in our two pots on the front porch earlier in May. As you can see, they are coming along nicely and are getting ready to bloom. I just saved the seeds from my marigolds last year when they died. This is a great way to be able to plant more flowers from year to year without having to purchase any plants or seed packs. Do you walk around your flower beds and save seeds too?

FROGGYHere’s our little froggy that was on the front sidewalk, and I must have scared him when I walked past him as he tried to squeeze into this tiny space. I think he got stuck.

NIKITA AND BELLA2 6-12-14Nikita and Bella just love each other. They are best friends. Bella is going to be celebrating her birthday this month on June 29th. Our sweet girl will be two years old, and has brought us so much joy in our lives. Nikita will be celebrating her 4th birthday on July 18th and my birthday is on July 22nd. We have so much to celebrate and lots of love here.

Even when life gets busy, don’t forget your loved ones! How has your week been? What is going on in your part of the world?