Confrontation with a Laundry Basket


        It was a typical day, Mommy scurrying around doing housework, which normally includes laundry, and unfortunately, this basket come out into the open.  I hate this thing for some reason.  I remember this basket when I was smaller, and I still hated it, probably because I had no idea what it was, and because Mommy used to put me inside it.  I wonder if that is why I don’t like it, but I do.  Well, Mommy took out all the clothes and put them away, and left this thing to roll back and forth in the living room.  Of course, when I came around the corner and saw it – I went into action! 

I growled, barked, even stuck my butt up in the air to ward this thing off, but all of that did not work.  It was still there, taunting me with its woven plastic sides and ergonomic handles.  “This thing has got to go” I thought, but thinking it away was not working.  The worst thing too, is that my squeaky ball rolled over next to it and there was no way I was getting too close to this thing to get it.  Grrrr, I am upset.   But, Mommy always comes to the rescue and picked up that horrible basket and once she did, I ran immediately to save my squeaky ball.  Phew! 

Q:  What do you have around the house that bothers you?  I have many things!  Even a towel hanging on a clothes line bothers me for some reason. LOL

Welcoming the Arrival of Cooler Weather


Ah, sleeping at night with the windows open is so nice!  Giving the air conditioner a little break for awhile is always a good thing, and good for your pocket too.  It is just nice that I can now sit in front of the window and feel that nice cool breeze blow on my face, not to mention all of the good smells I take in on a daily basis.  Barking at people passing by our house or doggies that I don’t like through a closed window does not make me sound fierce, but with an open window, I can protect the homestead with some deep growls & barks and everyone can hear me really well. 

Sometimes I think that I am nosey, as I watch EVERYONE and everything!  I run from window to window to keep up with the neighbors arrivals & departures and when I see them I run from the front window to the back window to catch a glimpse of them getting out of their car, I watch trash blowing down the street from the car wash that blows by on a daily basis and it always makes me growl at it, I growl and bark at garbage cans (have done that since I was a puppy and tall enough to see out the window), but it always amazes Daddy & Mommy “who” I bark at.  It’s strange that some dogs can walk by our house and all I do I watch them, while other dogs can go by and I go absolutely crazy.  What makes me bark at them and yet leave the others alone?  Not sure why I do this, it will remain a mystery. 
One of my all time favorite things to do is, waiting for Daddy to come home.  Mommy always alerts me that “it’s time” to watch for Daddy’s arrival and I put down any toy that I am playing with (or bring it to the front window with me) and I run to the window, sit down, and look back and forth for Daddy’s car.  Almost 100% of the time, I can catch his car coming down the road and my tail starts wagging and I get all excited.  I watch him pull into the driveway and then I run to the back door to catch him driving by (he always stops right by the door and waves at me – awww!) and then I run like a bat out of hell to the back window to watch him get out of his car.  As soon as I see him walking towards the house, I jump off the window sill and tear down the hallway to the back door again (I always beat him to the back door too) and I await the glimpse of him opening the door.  YEAH, Daddy’s home!  I jump all over him and give him kisses and he gives them right back!  I love this time of day because I love my Daddy!  Mommy is there too, waiting for Daddy and always makes sure she has his favorite glass of wine waiting for him and the smell of a good home cooked meal is just about to come out of the oven. 
Cooler weather, lots of love, and a pumpkin patch are all the favorite things that are consuming my days! 

The Art & Science of Barking

Barking, woofing, growling, it’s a thing of art.  Us dogs do it best, and we put a lot of passion behind the science of it.  It’s what we do.  We bark to protect, we bark to ward off intruders, we bark for the hell of it, in general, we bark sometimes at strange things.  Today is no different than the rest, except that there is a strange (new) dog at my neighbors (a yellow lab) who is in the room right outside our kitchen window, and….he is barking.  That is driving me crazy, and I am running around the house like a maniac, from window to window, growling, barking, woofing and even an occasional snort trying to tell that dog that I am here and I am on patrol!  I have been up on the kitchen sink so many times this morning growling & barking at him that Mommy actually caught me in the act.  I turned around and acted so innocent, like I was getting a drink of water or something, but she caught me and laughed.  Ok, back to my patrol, I can hear that dog out of all the windows, so I must run to each window and bark out of it, just in case.  That yellow dog is making the other dogs in the house bark, which then I can hear a harmony of woofs that echo in the morning air. 

The reason behind all of my barking

1. First, find a subject to bark at
2. Make sure your barks are believable
3. Make sure you bark from the gut, as it makes your barks sound meaner
4. Run back & forth while barking, this draw attention to you
5. Make sure you add some growls in between your barks, this makes everyone know you are serious
6. Once you do all of the above, you will get rewarded with “Treats” for a job well done, if not, REPEAT steps 1 thru 5

May the BARK be with you!
Love – Nikita

Post Birthday Palooza

I am still trying to come down from my Birthday Palooza high and I wanted to share with you some of the great gifts I received.   Mommy made me this neat Leash Hook out of a scrap piece of pressed wood.  She designed the letter “N” on her computer first, cut it out of cardstock, then traced it onto a scrap piece of pressed wood that she had left over from all the wood tombstones she has been cutting.  She worked really hard on sanding the N and got it all nice and smooth, then she was ready to paint it black.  After the black dried, she sprayed a nice clear coat over the N to protect & seal it.  Then she added two adorable stainless steel hooks to the bottom of the N so we can hang my leash on it.  How do you think she did?  Pretty neat, eh? 

I also got my first Birthday Cake ever, thanks to Daddy, and it even had my name on it!  How cool is that?  Boy, does it look yummy! 

I also got a neat & very colorful new squeaky toy from my Auntie (I call it a Sunflower), and I got a new pink teddy bear from Grandma (she knows I love the color pink), and I got a new pink & blue squeaky cupcake from Daddy & Mommy.  

Grandma is on the phone..

Grandma even started off my day by calling me and singing happy birthday to me over the phone!  Aw, aren’t Grandma’s the best?!  Daddy also held my birthday cards from my Auntie and Grandma so I could read them.  All in all, I had a great birthday, but I still feel like a puppy, even though I am told I am not a puppy any longer.

My list continues of the things that I BARK at…. I saw this big huge blue circle walking down the street and had to bark at it.  This guy must be trying to beat the heat with this thing!  LOL  I hope he puts his swim trunks on first before jumping in! 

Have a great day & do your best to keep cool in this heat wave we’re having!  All the best, Nikita