Frosty Corpses

It happens this time of year.  The weather changes to that bone chilling can’t seem to get warm feeling, “I’m not ready for the weather to change” thought in your mind, and you wake up to see frost in your graveyard.  Don’t worry, these corpses don’t feel a thing, or do they?  Their faces and torsos are covered with a feathery-looking frost, the tombstones look furry, each blade of grass is covered in white, and you are glad that the flood lights don’t turn on now because they would all shatter.  It’s that time of year, like it happens every Halloween, the weather gets worse while you are putting the finishing touches in your home haunt, the winds kick up making it impossible for the light weight items to not blow away, and you are bundled up in layers of clothing just trying to keep warm for the two hours you have to stand outside and hand out candy.  Is it all worth it? 

It’s funny, because we get excited every year for the arrival of Halloween and can’t wait for it to come, then when it actually arrives, we complain because we have to stand two hours out in the cold freezing, you can’t feel your hands because they’re numb, your nose runs….and then…it’s over.  Halloween trick-or-treating is done for another year.  Now comes the fun part of picking up all the props in the yard, all the extension cords, the flood lights, the stakes that you can’t seem to find all of them afterwards, and try to put everything back in its storage box for the next year.  So, is it worth it?  We would answer a definite yes! 

This year for us, we were able to enjoy the home haunt a lot longer than prior years because we made all of those wood tombstones, primed them well, so they could withstand the weather conditions and not blow away and actually got our home haunt in the front yard setup weeks ago so we could enjoy it.  We’re glad we did.  Halloween is on Monday, and we can’t wait!  We’ll be digging out the animatronic props this weekend and all of the other items we could not put in the yard as they are too expensive to leave out, so we only bring them out the day of Halloween. 

It’s a lot of work we won’t deny that, but the look on the trick-or-treaters faces when they see Michael Myers trying to slash their necks, is priceless.  Some of the kids won’t even come up the driveway for candy when they see him, so we have to walk down and hand them their candy, while others can’t wait to get a photograph with Michael or Freddy Krueger, they are the brave souls who venture near!