Did You Survive The Fourth?

Now that the Fourth of July is a day behind us, did you survive?  If you have not already blown off any pendages or limbs and are currently in the hospital recovering, then you did great!  You are one step ahead of those who might be missing a favorite finger and now have to do all of their typing with the two-finger approach. 

We had a great day with an abundance of food to dine on, but the humidity was quite unbearable, but we dealt with it as we filled up our wine glasses (again). LOL   Daddy did an awesome job as usual tending to the grill (the grill master), while Mommy decorated our dining area & yard with lots of patriotic pride.  Mommy also made for dessert her delicious chocolate dipped patriotic strawberries for everyone and they did not last long around here!   As you can see from the photographs below, she also made some white chocolate stars too!  Yummy!

After our cookout the weather started to turn ugly (again) as this has been the third day in a row for severe storms.  Mommy has been trying so hard to get a photograph of a lighting bolt in the sky, and finally got one picture last night of a small bolt streaking through the sky!  Yeah for Mommy!   I sat with Daddy and Mommy on the front porch last night watching the neighbors light off fireworks, and I did pretty good until the big booms started, then I got really anxious.  Mommy put me back into the house so I could feel a little more at ease, but I could still hear them.  I could not wait until we headed off to bed, so I could snuggle between them for comfort, and we did just that and I felt better instantly.


Daddy and Mommy left me indoors yesterday during their cookout, and I am glad that they did because I could have had a heat stroke.  They are very responsible parents and are always looking out for me.  I do well in the house being left alone, as I listened to the radio and caught some of my favorite tunes which kept me company, while I was nibbling on my ice cubes.  No one lit off any fireworks at our house, so we can still count to ten on our fingers, and our dry lawn did not go up in a blaze.  Phew! 

Hope all of you had a great Fourth! 

SIDE NOTE:  Mommy’s brother-n-law is currently in the burn unit recovering from third degree burns from a freak accident where a gas can blew up and burned both his legs and feet.  He is having skin graft surgery today, so please add him to your thoughts & prayers today and for a speedy recovery. 

Add Some FUN to Your FOURTH

Hey everyone, it’s me, Nikita!  Want to add some FUN to your Fourth of July?  Surprise everyone with some fresh red ripe strawberries dipped in white chocolate and blue sprinkles!  You will be the hit of your party!   Everyone has a Fourth of July party, or at least, is invited to one, so why not show off your patriotic pride with some fun, quick & easy dessert! 

Also, this is the time of year when everyone sets off fireworks, and most doggies get anxiety and are scared of all the loud booms, so I did some research on how to help them out.  I found this neat website for a simple & inexpensive solution to help calm your four-legged friend, it’s called Thunder Shirt.  You just simply place the Thunder Shirt on your pet and it almost instantly calms them.  Now, instead of using medication (or beer) to calm them down, just put on the coat!  How cool is that?!  (they also say that the coat helps to calm your pooch during thunder storms too)  Although I don’t need one of these shirts, I thought that I would pass this neat item along to you as the reviews are awesome!

I hope everyone has a safe & happy Fourth!  Let the boom booms begin! 

Patriotic Puppy,