Things That Go Bump in the Night


It’s official!  We have started our Halloween yard decorating (one week late) and the first thing we always work on is the “Focal Point” of the yard. Keep in mind, that the photograph above is the start to what’s to come and I wanted to show you how empty it looks now…just wait.  I did the last front yard mow for October because once we add of our lights, props, and extension cords, you cannot mow around anything. November 1st, everything is taken down and the lawn gets a much needed haircut.

The focal point is Skully and his friends carrying a handmade pallet coffin.  Skully & Friends always attract a lot of “gawkers” that drive past the house, and also lots of people stop to take photographs.  If you are new to Nikitaland, please take the time right now & subscribe as you don’t want to miss what we have coming up!  

I have to remember to do this again this year, and tally for you how many things we have placed in the front yard.  For example, a few years ago I did this and was shocked to find out that we used something like 17+ extension cords!  It is amazing on how much time is involved in just setting up Skully & his friends.  I had to stake up each skeleton into place, then get the coffin up and off the ground by more stakes, position the skeletons so they are doing what I want them to do, (they had other things in mind, but I had to tell them to knock it off and all Skully wanted to do was mow the lawn again), then tie-wrap them to the stakes, and then my Sweets came out and placed all the lights around each skeleton just perfectly!  (he is my lighting and sound effect guy for sure)


We had to do a little surgery on the coffin yesterday, as it appears that it sagged a little sitting in the garage all this time.  I rummaged around in the garage and found some nice scraps of wood to use as braces, grabbed my drill and electric screwdriver and firmed up that saggy coffin!  It’s definitely the little touches that make or break a Halloween display!  After we got Skully and his friends up, it rained, and rained hard.  Phew!


I have one more of the huge pumpkins to paint yet that I paper mached, but it is lit up in the front window for all to see.  I am in the process though of making a smaller pumpkin that I will place in the hand of one of Skully’s friends in the front yard.  This pumpkin I will have to use Flex Seal on it (found at KMart & other hardware stores for around $13) to protect it from the elements and to make sure that the paper mache pumpkin does not rot if it got soggy.  (Side note:  In case you don’t know about Flex Seal, it is used a lot in gutters to seal up any small cracks to prevent drips, and I have seen it used to seal up a cracked flower pot, and much more!)  I need to get a can anyways for our own gutters, and I will have enough left to cover the pumpkin inside and out.  Flex Seal can be painted too!


Our living room has come alive and it screams Halloween!  It has such an awesome orange glow that lights up the room.  I never had a Halloweenish display before inside the house, and that is why I worked so hard to make something special for us.  Now, I can enjoy our favorite holiday and have something to cherish every year!  We even found a little stuffed Jack Skeleton at Walgreens yesterday and he now sits on top of the fireplace.  So what do you think?  Do you like how our living room turned out?


Stay tuned to see what we add to the front yard next!  Don’t forget to subscribe & follow along with us!  Who knows what you might learn, but we make it worth your while!  Stick around!