Storm Clouds

Continuing on with our storms, we had a slight one roll through here last night, but the cloud formations were spectacular. I enhanced all of the cloud photographs just to showcase the cloud formations. And, just in case anyone wants to know what online photo editors I use, I used Pixl Express for these photographs, and I also use PicMonkey too.


What is amazing when you watch a storm starting to “brew”, is how quickly the clouds change.


Isn’t this photograph awesome! It’s like big white puffs in the sky.


The cloud formations were stunning.


I can always get some awesome sky photographs when I look down the street.

5-13-14 CLOUDS

The above photograph actually looks like a tornado blowing over our house. Isn’t that freaky?!

Well, wish us luck, as we are on another flash flood warning for this afternoon with yet another storm coming in. The grass is loving all of this rain, as it has grown leaps and bounds and I have to mow the lawn almost every other day. At least the lawn is looking beautiful!