Our First Snowfall of the Season

We knew it was going to happen, sooner or later, but we got our first snowfall of the Season yesterday.  We had mixed feelings of whether we were glad to see the beautiful fluffy snowflakes falling so daintily covering everything in a white powder. I think we are just not quite ready to head on into Winter, but we can do nothing about that. It’s going to come whether we want it to or not.


The photo above was just the start of the snow, as you can see the ground was not yet covered, but we ended up getting about 4 inches by morning. (I love how the snowflakes look in the photo with the flash on my camera!) Nikita and Bella of course, loved the arrival of the snow and immediately did zoomies in the yard!

Last weekend, we got the Christmas lights on the house and the decorations out in the yard, as this was our last chance with a semi warm day to do so before the cold temps hit us. Boy are we glad that we did, because it is just way too cold out now to decorate. I have also been under the weather for a few weeks now with a nasty chest congestion, and I did my best at helping get the decorations outside. (these chest congestions hang on forever which stinks!)


Here’s a photo of our Christmas decorations in the snow last night! Boy are we glad we got them all up! It has been snowing here since yesterday and it has not stopped. Nothing makes outside Christmas decorations look so beautiful when they are covered up with white fluffy snowflakes.

How much snow did you get in your area?

11-11-11 The First White Stuff

WOW, it happened last night while we slept…we got our first snowfall!  We awoke this morning to snow on the ground and what a shock that was.  I remember our first snow last year that arrived around Thanksgiving, but that snowfall was a lot more severe and covered everything.  As for today’s snow, I did not have any in the driveway to pee in, bummer! 

2010 Snow Puppy

I know that Mommy is really thankful that yesterday she worked for hours putting the LED Christmas Lights on the gutters and the bushes, so when she awoke this morning, she went “phew”, glad she did that yesterday.  She also went around the yard and winterized some last minute items, like draining the water from the hose out back and putting that away and pulling out the lights from our flower beds and remembering to shut off the water knob inside the house too.  (some people forget to do this and might leave their hose out all winter, but that could split your garden hose and you don’t want that!)  

Now, since there is snow on the ground, it got us in the mood to bring out of storage all of our Christmas decorations, so Mommy and I will be busy unpacking everything today and putting our little lights in all the windows, hanging the wreath on the front door, and hanging our stockings.  Speaking of stockings, Daddy got us this really neat metal stocking holder from Current Catalog.  We wanted to get this last year, but they sold out so quickly, so we ordered ours early so we would ensure we would get one.  It is the neatest stocking holder we have ever seen, so if you want one for yourself – I would order one today here:  http://www.currentcatalog.com/602849.html?AS=1&keyword=metal+stocking+holder 

Other than decorating, not sure what else is on the agenda for today, except some naps and perhaps help Mommy bake some cookies.  She will be sharing with you in another post her Mom’s Pumpkin Bar recipe with homemade cream cheese frosting, so keep an eye out for that recipe as it is truly yummy.

Stay warm & bundle up! 
Love, Nikita