What Was In Your Picnic Basket?

WOW!  We have been busy over here and we were glad that Daddy got a day off and had the chance to relax on the 4th of July with us.   I had so much fun because the family came over for a cookout and I was so excited to see them.  Mommy took some good photographs of me and I wanted to share them with you.  All I know is that on Tuesday, all I did was sleep…. all day because I was one tired puppy, and I bet it was hard for Daddy to get up for work too after being off for 4 days.  That’s gotta be rough and he probably beat up his alarm clock when it started to ring.  lol

Crispy Oil Burner!

Anyhow, our 4th started off with a BANG, or some fireworks, no wait…..it started off with a fire!  A fire right on the kitchen table!  Yep, that’s right!  Mommy’s little glass oil burner that was lit on the kitchen table caught fire!  Mommy and Grandma were in the kitchen busy getting all the food ready for the grill and when they turned around, the oil burner was flaming on the table.  They yelled for Daddy who was outside getting the grill ready and he came in and helped get the burner fire put out.  Man, that was scary!  We never knew that those little burners could be that flammable, but they are, and we found out the hard way.  There was no damage to anything, just the oil burner, but what a way to start off our holiday party!  Geez! 

Having FUN with Mommy & Daddy

I just love holidays because everyone gets together for some laughs, great food and good times.  Spending time with family means so much to me.  There’s nothing better than feeling all the love that fills the air when your family is around.  They are always your rock, your sounding board, they don’t judge you – they just love you, and they are who provides you with unconditional love no matter what.  That is why family members are the best and most precious.  For me, I rely on Daddy and Mommy to do everything for me, and without them, I would not have the good home that I have now, nor would I have all the love that they provide me, the good care that they give to me, and if it wasn’t for everything that Daddy does for both Mommy and me, we would be lost.  Daddy provides so much for the both of us and we are so appreciative for all that he does for us.    

Here’s a photograph of me and Mommy enjoying the Fourth, but since we did not set off any fireworks this year (Daddy & Mommy weren’t sure if I would be scared or not), Mommy just added them to the photo for a great effect.  (I love this photo) 
I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July and I hope all of your oil burners did not catch on fire like ours did! (lol)