Father’s Day Free Printables – Gift Tags & Cards

Father’s Day is this Sunday and we wanted to share with everyone our selection of Father’s Day cards and gift tags.  The best way to use these are to print them out on cardstock paper.  The greeting cards are in two different designs and after you print them out, just cut straight down the middle of the paper (or fold in half to get your score line), then fold the cards in half again. 

Here are the two designs of the Father’s Day Cards, and the link.


Click here for the Father’s Day Gift Tags

Father, Papa, Daddy, no matter what you call him, it means the same to all of us, as he is the person whom you admire for many reasons.  He provides for the family, works hard every day, and makes sure his family is safe.  He is the guy that everyone in the family looks up to because we love him. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s in the world, but my Daddy is the best!

Just Because We Needed Kitty Food

Me & Daddy

I will never ever forget the day that I was adopted.  It was a Sunday, and I was gathered together with the rest of my kin, heading out again on the traveling bus to see if we could get adopted, to see if “today was going to be THE day”.  Well, from what I was told later on, this whole thing happened just because my Daddy had to pick up kitty food at PetSmart.  He arrived at the store with Mommy and before they walked into the store, they noticed that a pet fair was going on right outside the store, so they decided to come over to see all the pets.  This is how they found me.  I was this little 7-8 pound fluffy poof ball of a puppy that was running around looking cute with my brothers and sisters, and my soon-to-be Daddy & Mommy noticed me and picked me up.  That is all it took, they were hooked.  They each took turns holding and snuggling me while Igave them kisses.  I was getting to them.  They did set me back down for just about a minute or two, wispered to each other, then reached back over the little area I was in and snatched me back up before the other couples snagged me.  That was it, I was going home with them!  Yippy!  If Daddy & Mommy waited any longer, I would have gone home with someone else.  But I am so glad on how things turned out, because I have the best Daddy & Mommy in the whole world. 

Best Daddy in the World

After we took care of the adoption paperwork and I said goodbye to my kin that was being left behind, we had to go shopping for puppy “stuff” as they did not have anything at home yet for me.   I was so excited about shopping for toys that I could call my own, Daddy picked out the best puppy food for me, and I got my own puppy cage too.  I even fell asleep on top of the cage box in the shopping cart because I had a long day and needed a nap.  I rode home to my new home on Mommy’s lap and was a good little girl. Daddy and Mommy were “all smiles” because they now had ME! 

I am the most thankful & lucky puppy in the whole world because of my Daddy.  I am so thankful for all that he does for me.  I am thankful that every day I have tasty healthy food to eat, clean water to drink,  ALL the toys in the world to play with, treats galore to munch on, and have a place that I can call my own and loving people to snuggle with every night.  I am most thankful for Daddy needing kitty food that day…



Love & Wet Puppy Smoochies to you,