Father’s Day Free Printables – Gift Tags & Cards

Father’s Day is this Sunday and we wanted to share with everyone our selection of Father’s Day cards and gift tags.  The best way to use these are to print them out on cardstock paper.  The greeting cards are in two different designs and after you print them out, just cut straight down the middle of the paper (or fold in half to get your score line), then fold the cards in half again. 

Here are the two designs of the Father’s Day Cards, and the link.


Click here for the Father’s Day Gift Tags

Father, Papa, Daddy, no matter what you call him, it means the same to all of us, as he is the person whom you admire for many reasons.  He provides for the family, works hard every day, and makes sure his family is safe.  He is the guy that everyone in the family looks up to because we love him. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s in the world, but my Daddy is the best!