What’s for Dessert? Apple Cinnamon Chimichangas

We have a great surprise for you today, and you will definitely be making these this weekend as you probably already have most of the ingredients on hand.  If you are looking for something different for dessert, then these Apple Cinnamon Chimichangas will be the perfect fit!

Click HERE for the PDF Recipe & Directions

For the Apple Filling
•    3 Apples, chopped into small pieces
•    1 1/2 cups water
•    1/4 cup cornstarch
•    3/4 cup sugar
•    1/2 tsp. cinnamon
•    1/4 tsp. salt
•    1 Tbs. lemon juice
For the Chimichangas
•    15-20 small tortillas (or you can use larger tortilla wraps too)
•    1/2 cup sugar
•    1 Tbs. cinnamon
•    Vegetable Oil for frying
For the Apple Filling
Combine the water, cornstarch, sugar, cinnamon, salt, and lemon juice in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Cook for approximately 3 minutes, or until the mixture becomes very thick.

Add the chopped apples and reduce to a simmer. Allow the apple mixture to simmer until the apples become just tender (approximately 10 minutes). Allow the mixture to cool.

Mix cinnamon and sugar in a shallow bowl and set aside.

Next, spoon the apple filling in the middle of the tortilla.

Roll in both sides of the tortilla before rolling up the bottom of the tortilla over the filling, and then continue to roll the tortilla up like a burrito.

Meanwhile, heat a small skillet with 1/2 an inch of oil. Once oil is hot, fry the chimichangas on all sides until the tortilla turns golden brown. (approximately 30 seconds on each side)

Remove the chimichangas from the oil and immediately roll the warm chimichanga in the cinnamon sugar mixture to coat and serve.  You can also drizzle some caramel over the top of the chimichanga before serving too!