When Your Garden Starts Producing

This year’s heat index and drought have plagued many gardeners, and it has touched our garden as well.  Plants are struggling to produce, wilt from lack of water, get nibbled on by deer and other rodents, and suffer severely from the high temps, but we forge on.  We are determined to not let our garden suffer and we are doing all we can to help it through.  We just recently purchased a couple of soaker hoses that we are going to lay through the garden to keep the soil nice and moist as that is what the roots of the plants need.  Leaf lettuce, for instance, has a short root system and requires lots of water, just as the cucumbers need lots of water to keep healthy. 

With all of our efforts, we have reaped what we sowed and have enjoyed some delicious veggies!  To date, we have picked:  45 cherry tomatoes, 15 beefsteak tomatoes, 11 big boy tomatoes, 10 onions, rows & rows of leaf lettuce and a few cucumbers.  We are so proud to have enjoyed so far what we have picked since this is our first time gardening and have learned quite a bit from our experiences. 

Our Jack Be Little Pumpkins are growing nice long vines and we are noticing some small little pumpkins starting to form, and we’re excited about that!  Our Red Warty Thing Pumpkins have had a rough life.  The deer have been torturing our baby plants, have eaten almost all of them, and they keep coming back to dine on more.  So, last night I took some plastic pots we had leftover from some plants we purchased, and covered the small Red Warty Things up at night to keep the deer away.    Our one Red Warty Thing that had the huge stalk and was getting quite big was eaten down to nothing and the deer actually pulled it right out of the ground.  We planted the stalk that was damaged back into the soil and to our surprise, it has started growing leaves on it! 

We enjoyed our somewhat cooler Sunday afternoon out in the backyard and played with Nikita who enjoyed being outside for a change.  Since it has been so hot lately, we could not enjoy the outdoors as she has a double coat and it’s too hot for her to spend much time outside.  We don’t want our adorable baby to have a heat stroke now do we?

The dog days of summer are limited now that we have turned yet another month on the calendar and we now face August.  It’s sad to even think that soon we’ll be outside shoveling snow again.  Ug.