Almost Got Skunked!

It amazes me every Monday when I reflect back to my weekend on how much one dog can cram into three days.  I am on high alert for what goes on around here and I know when something does not belong or a stranger is lurking whom I have never seen before and I alert Daddy & Mommy to what I find.  But, when it’s time for bed and I hit those nice fluffy blankies, I am out like a light, feet up in the air, dead to the world and its surroundings.  And that has been a HUGE problem these past few days.  I have talked about all the deer we have around here a lot, and I do watch them from every window, but we have had some major damage to our yard over the last week and a half from the bucks!  They, for some reason, have chosen our yard to “Mark their Territory”, both the front yard and back, and they are making huge ruts in the lawn which has torn up the grass from one end of the yard to the other. 

Deer Damage: Click on photo to enlarge

Pieces of grass and dirt chunks are strewn everywhere and now our once beautiful looking lawn, has turned into what it looks like “divots” from a golfer on a golf course.  (I didn’t hear the bucks yell “F O U R”, or I would have woke up)  Daddy & Mommy are really upset – the damage is done and it keeps happening.  Every morning we wake up and look outside, MORE ruts!  We started thinking that it was just our lawn until yesterday we noticed our neighbors lawn had ruts too, but that still does not make it right. 

Daddy and Mommy did a whirlwind shopping trip on Saturday and stopped at some craft stores to see if they could find the supplies they need for Halloween.  They found these neat 3″ plastic letter stencils that they are going to use on their wood tombstones for epitaphs and the stencil font was called “Girls are Weird”.  Strange name, but the stencil font is cool.  Mommy was even practicing on paper to see how wide the words would get just to make sure they fit well on the tombstone. 

And, speaking of tombstones……Daddy & Mommy finally surprised Grandma with the tombstone that they made for her.  She was blown away that we made her a Halloween decoration and she loved it!  She could not stop looking at it and giving them hugs!  Her tombstone was painted with gray primer first then a Krylon “Make it Stone” spray paint was applied to give it a stone texture and finally a clear coat was applied to seal it from the weather.  Grandma wanted her tombstone to be placed in her flower bed so she could see it from the house and enjoy it!  Glad you liked your tombstone Grandma!  We love you! 

Anyhow, after Daddy & Mommy got back from their errands, they took me to PetSmart since I was good, and they felt bad that they left me alone earlier in the day.  That’s ok, I mostly slept on the bed while they were gone and watched a few cartoons too.  Well, on this particular trip to PetSmart, I was bad.  I would not listen and just kept running up to every person I saw like it was my first time out of the house.  Geez, what got into me?  I know Mommy was getting mad at me, but I could not stop.  All the PetSmart employees greeted me, as usual, when I entered the store and Jane and Amber fed me treats, one after the other.  I even saw some of the customers just standing there watching me and my antics and they laughed.  I also met this really nice couple whom I loved and they just kept petting me and hugging me.  Aw, they were so nice!   Also, Amber the PetSmart trainer even was chasing me around the store – man oh man did I love that!  She kept goofing with me every time she ran into me in the store.  (I love that kind of silliness!)  Mommy and I sat down and checked out all the kitties that were waiting to be adopted while Daddy snapped a good photo of us.  And, my best bud Brett was grooming some doggies (who did not look like they were having any fun) and he came out real quick to see me & give me hugs!  Gotta love Brett! 

Now, comes the interesting part of the weekend… Mommy and Me almost got skunked…..twice!  Yep, you heard that right!  Once on Saturday night and again on Sunday night.  Mommy took me out for my last bathroom break of the day and when we came around the corner of the house, a skunk was walking towards us on the grass, then turned around real quick (because we startled it) and Mommy did some quick thinking and grabbed me and we ran super fast back into the house.  My little heart was beating like crazy on the landing and she gave me a hug to calm me down.  What just happened I was thinking and Daddy asked that too and we told him that we just ran into Pepe le Pew outside.  He said “Oh Man” and could not believe it, because we have not seen any skunks out here at all, until today.  Then, it happened again on Sunday night, the exact same scenerio…. went outside for my last pee break and WHAM…. that skunk was in the exact same spot we saw it the night before, and….we did the same thing… R U N!   That is one thing that we are for sure that we don’t want to get sprayed by.  Who would hug me then?  I would smell badly. 

What a weekend I had, just packed with fun & excitement (only if you can call almost being skunked twice as excitement), but we are glad that the Cleveland Browns WON yesterday!  YIPPEE, yes we know it was only by a point and in the last seconds on the clock, but a WIN is a WIN and we’ll take it!  Way to go Brownies!  And, if that is still not enough stuff crammed into a weekend, Mommy also painted her wood “EEK” letters and finished them with a nice clear coat.  I hope everyone had a fun filled weekend like I did…what will happen next?