When Dogs Do Silly Things

Dogs play, and play, and sometimes we do silly things along the way.  Me?  I do silly things all the time.  One thing for example, I get fed Science Diet “Big Bites” as an appetizer.  I call them appetizers because I munch on them when I’m hungry or when I want to play!  I take one Big Bite out of my bowl, run with it through the house, drop it, jump on it, and most of the time it rolls under the oven or the fridge and someone has to get it for me.  I do silly things I admit it.  Last night I was caught on film playing with my new stuffed lion I got for Christmas.  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:  http://youtu.be/AwAUwHmMWD4 

The list of my silly things is long – what do you do that is silly?