Thawing Out

In our little spot in the world today, we started to thaw out. The temps were around 40 degrees, water was flowing through the gutters which was a pleasant sound since they have been a solid block of ice, and the poop pit is no longer an ice skating rink. It was a good day today.

Yahoo, I can smell Spring!

Yahoo, I can smell Spring!

When Nikita went outside today, she jumped up on the side of the snow mound to look around, and stuck her head up in the air to take a good sniff of the air. She smelled Spring today!

NIKITA1 3-8-15

Nikita took a running jump and she was up on top of the snow mound in seconds!  I snapped this photo at the perfect moment and got the snow flying through the air.

NIKITA4 3-8-15

Nikita got so excited when she saw Daddy in the bedroom window looking at her playing.

NIKITA2 3-8-15

I love this photograph of Nikita enjoying her day in the snow.

NIKITA3 3-8-15

Nikita is so photogenic.

BELLA3 3-8-15

Bella, of course, wanted a chance to show off her mountain goat abilities too!

BELLA4 3-8-15

Ok, I’m done with this snow mound!

BELLA2 3-8-15

I’m so tall, I can see into the neighbors yard!  Hey, there’s birdies over there!

BELLA1 3-8-15

What do you mean I have to come down now?  I’m king of the hill!


With the perfect temps today, I just had to make some snow doggies in the front yard! As you can see, I tried to make a snow doggie Nikita and Bella! (and, if you look at the front door, Nikita is watching out the door too)


Snow doggie Bella!


All in all, we had a good day. We started to thaw a bit and look forward to the upcoming week of temps in the 40’s where we can get rid of a lot of this snow. The dogs had an awesome play day in the high snow mounds, the poop pit thawed so no more pee pee splits, and snow doggies now sit in the front yard to wave to people driving past. It was a good day.

Waking Up With Too Much Energy

TEMPS MARCH 2 2013The dogs got me up way too early today, as they had to head outside to empty their bladders, and it did not surprise me that it snowed again last night.  I am personally beyond sick of this white stuff and can’t wait for Spring to arrive.  Our sleep was interrupted last night when our neighbor arrived home at 2:45am only to find that he locked himself out of his house, and he phoned us to pick up the spare key we are holding for him (just for instances like this) and he was so thankful just to get in his house.  (that’s what good neighbors do for each other!)  Back to sleep we went, until Bella woke me up with her fog horn sound she does when she has to go out.  (the sound is quite hilarious and I need to record it one day so you can hear it)


Barely awake, I get my snow boots on, tuck my leopard print jam jam pants into my boots, put hat, coat, and gloves on, leash up Bella and we head outside into the frigid morning air.  (Man, jam jam pants do not protect you at all from the cold winds as it feels like I am standing outside with no pants on)  Bella emptied her tiny bladder and I thought “yeah, let’s head back inside” but noooooo, she has other plans after seeing the ground covered in snow!  She tears off like a bat out of hell and runs circles all around the backyard, grunting all the way around.


I must be dreaming.  This is way to early for this shit, I thought.  I finally calm her down and we head inside.  I wiped off her feet, cleaned off all the snow from her face, and removed all of my snow gear.  I hear the coffee maker finishing its first batch of java for the morning and I thought “how nice”, now I can sit down and relax.  Not quite.  I turn around with a fresh brewed cup of coffee in hand, only to see Nikita standing there doing the pee pee dance.  I said “crap” “not you too!”  So off I went to the landing to put back on all of my winter gear – again.


Sometimes, mornings suck.

Flurries, Flurries, and More Flurries

NIKITA SNOW3 12-30-12

Since the day after Christmas, we have received our fair share (and more) of that cold white stuff they call snow!  We didn’t mind, because Daddy was home on vacation and we had no urgent place to go, so we actually got to enjoy the snow falling all around us.  Sure, we had to shovel, shovel and shovel almost every day, pulled the snow blower out too since the snow was quite heavy at times, but it was beautiful to see how it covered EVERYTHING white.  We surely put our snow pants to work as they kept us warm, actually too warm, as we scraped the driveway and sidewalk for the third, fourth…uh we lost track of how many times, but nonetheless, we kept the cold at bay and away from us.

BELLA SNOW5 12-30-12

BELLA SNOW3 12-30-12

BELLA SNOW6 12-30-12

Both Nikita and Bella are having the time of their lives playing in the snow.  We still have to teach Bella to not eat the yellow snow, as she has not figured that one out yet, but she loves to run and jump in the snow, and stops to take huge bites of snow when she gets tired.   Nikita on the other hand, is a digger.  When she heads outside, she finds the huge snow mounds that we pile up and starts her hole brigade.  Dig, dig, dig, as the snow goes flying through her legs, then her head disappears into her treasured hole that she has made.  When she pulls her head out, she is covered in snow and stands there so proudly on top of the snow mountain as to say “look what I did“!

NIKITA SNOW2 12-30-12

NIKITA SNOW1 12-30-12

NIKITA SNOW4 12-30-12



What is priceless in the end?  When you find your little furry four-legged kids passed out on the floor, rejuvenating for their next trip outside.  (which will most likely be in 20 minutes, phew)







We spent our New Year’s Eve safe at home, watching it snow (again) and were glad that we were not out on the town driving on the snow covered roads.  We enjoyed our time with our dogs and watched the two hour special in memory of Dick Clark.  We had all the good intentions of watching the ball drop at midnight, but like every other new years arrival, we missed it, as we fell asleep. We did, however, get woken up when both Nikita and Bella started growling at the fireworks that were going off in the neighborhood.  We chuckled, and fell back asleep.  All in all, a great and wonderful end to another year with all the people we love, and our special four-legged kids by our side.  Priceless.


Who Let The Dogs Out?

12-21-12 Nikita in Snow

We’re in the middle of a white out winter advisory right now, and the dogs love it!  It is so great to watch both Nikita and Bella outside in the snow.  Nikita has loved the snow since we adopted her, as she loves to dig in the huge snow piles I create for her from shoveling the driveway.  Bella, on the other hand, is different.  This is her first time seeing this much snow and the second her feet hit the snowy grass, she runs like a Tazmanian Devil in circles around me, grunting all the way!  When she finally stops for a breather, she immediately starts to munch on the snow.  Munch, munch, munch around the yard!  It is cracking me up today to watch them.  We had a few weeks ago, a slight dusting of snow, but today, we are getting dumped on and the weather forecaster said it will snow here up until late Saturday.

Bella In The Snow 12-21-12

I’ve been outside a few times already today to shovel, and I can’t keep up with the snow, it is winning, hands down.  The wind is so severe and it chills your face in just a few minutes of being outside, and even though I had a scarf on covering up my face, it did not seem to matter much.  The snow that is coming down is that thick heavy snow, the kind that is good for packing and making snowmen or snow doggies out in the yard!   I have been waiting for it to snow now for awhile, but today’s snowfall is hard to keep up with, and I am sure that everyone who has to drive home tonight in it will not be happy.  I have shoveled the driveway a few times already, and when I go check back to see how much has fallen, it appears that I did not shovel anything at all.


Bella and Nikita Snuggling 12-11-12

Tug of War

The dogs and I are enjoying some Christmas music today while we are wrapping up some last minutes gifts, and enjoying our time together.  I actually got the Santa hat on Nikita and had just enough time to snap a few pictures before she pulled it off her head.  She hates wearing anything on top of her head.  Last year, we put antlers on her and she was not happy at all with that!  LOL  (silly dog)

All I Want For Christmas is Treats


We hope that everyone has a nice weekend, and we can’t wait for the weekend to start, because we get to spend lots of time with Daddy since he will be on vacation until the new year!  He deserves the time off as he has worked very hard this year and needs a break to spend time with his family!  We will be waiting for your arrival home Daddy!  Can’t wait to see you!

Hugs & snowy puppy kisses,
Nikita and Bella