Mornings Are For Napping

Not much has to be said about lazy mornings, and I definitely do my part at joining in.  Every morning after I have a good breakfast, I retire to my favorite couch to take a nap, but that is right after I check out what is going on in the neighborhood and do some window watching.  Then it’s nap time!

What To Do When It Snows Outside

They say that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, and that is exactly what it appears to be happening.  Yesterday, all it did all day was snow.  I felt bad for Mommy because she had errands to do and had to walk outside in these weather conditions, but she had to get the errands done.  One errand that Mommy had to do was head over to KMart and she picked up some more flower seeds for their garden this year.  That was a trip that Mommy did not mind making, because she knows how beautiful the garden & yard will look this year with all the new colorful blooms, but when Mommy got home, she noticed on the sales receipt that if you bought one seed pack, you get one free, and Mommy only picked up three packs.  So, she headed back up to the store to pick up the second free pack that she would have got on the first trip if she knew about the BOGO offer.  No biggie, it was worth the trip.  If you are curious as to the names of Mommy’s flowers, here they are:  Burpee Coreopsis Tetra-Giants, Burpee Dianthus Ipswich Pinks, Burpee Rudbeckia Black Eyed Susan Single Mix, and Burpee Gaillardia Goblin (this is Mommy’s favorite).

Daddy has been busy over the last few weeks searching online for the best deals on vegetable seeds, and I can’t even begin to tell you how many packs of seeds that Daddy got because he has a pile of them, but we know that we will have a very full garden this year.  Daddy started planning out on paper over the weekend on where he is going to place all of the seeds, and all the items we will need to build our garden.  He is so excited about having a garden this year, as it will definitely save us money on vegetables this year!  Our biggest concern is keeping the deer OUT of the garden, but we will settle that with a 6′ fence that we are going to make out of rolls of poultry fencing that has very small holes in the material.  This will help also keep out the bunnies that would eat up all of our lettuce for sure.  Mommy is going to also make a “door” from wood strips and then staple the poultry fence to it so they have easy access to the garden.  Don’t worry, Mommy will take lots of photographs of them building the raised garden bed and fence and the planting process, so you can see what we did!  This will for sure be an experience and the fun begins when we see our little seedlings start to grow.

So, with Daddy and Mommy day dreaming of the garden plans, I just sat by the front window and watched it snow yesterday, napped on the couch, and played with my toys.  I also helped Mommy get a lot of eBay packages wrapped up yesterday and ready for the guys in brown (UPS) to pick up.  We also had our first sale on our cement skull over the weekend, as I am sure that people are starting to think about Halloween about now.  The true Halloween enthusiast shops in advance for their props, because they know that if they wait, the selections will be gone or will see a very thin selection. 

We heard that later this week, our weather will warm up to in the 50’s, and it is just amazing that it can snow here one day, and two days later all the snow will be gone and you can head outside without a jacket on.  As for me, I am taking advantage of the snow on the ground, as I am like a “tornado on a leash” and run like a Tasmanian devil all through the yard!  But, the thought of sunny days and basking in the sun on my tie-out are on the back of my mind.  Watching the birdies in the backyard are one of my favorite past times!

The Joys of a Lazy Saturday

One thing for sure is that Saturday’s during the winter are great lazy days.  You don’t want to go outside because of the cold, snow, or rain, so what else do you do when you are stuck indoors?  For me, I play a little, nap, play some more, follow Daddy all around, nap with Daddy, then check out what Mommy is up to, go back and nap with Daddy, wake up and play some more.  Saturdays are great for being lazy, but the best part of my Saturday is being with my Daddy and Mommy. 

I took a quick ride with Daddy this morning so he could fill up his tank in his car, and although our little trip lasted only a few minutes, it was great Daddy Time!  I sat in the front seat of his car so proudly, like I owned the world or something.  I looked all around as we passed cars on the road, checked out the people walking on the sidewalks, and more importantly, guarded Daddy’s car when he filled up his tank.  No way anyone was going to get into “this” vehicle.  I might look adorable, but if I don’t know you – – Look Out!  I jumped on the computer just now, in between my naps, and had to do a little post about lazy days, yep that’s right, today is one of those and I love it.  Ahhhh, napping with Daddy is always so enjoyable.  So to all of you out there who are not taking it easy today, relax, sit awhile, or take a nap – you’ll feel better for it!