The Weather Outside Might Be Frightful

Woke up this morning only to find the ground covered with my favorite white stuff.  Yep, it’s true!  This is our second snowfall of the year and I can’t wait to play in it.  Mommy dressed me up in a new sweater to keep me warm, not to mention quite stylish, and I love it!  (thanks Mommy!)  I have been slowly adding my winter fur as I am becoming a fluff ball again.  (does this fur make me look fat?) 

When I think about it, I am one Pampered Pooch.  I get my paws wiped off when I come inside to keep the wood floors clean, I get brushed everyday, I have tons of toys to play with, I get to wear cool clothes, I get all the treats when I look adorable (this works every time) and when I think about it, not all doggies are this lucky.  Some doggies are probably outside right now, cold and shivering, but I am inside in a nice warm house napping with all my toys surrounding me.  Lucky is what I am!  I have a great Daddy who gives me treats every night after dinner and then he plays ball with me. 

I also wanted to share with you the photo we got of that 12-point Buck that is running around our neighborhood, but we added a few little embellishments to his photo.  LOL   I wonder who was the brave soul that got those ornaments on his rack?  Ya know, it’s hunting season now!

Can’t wait to head back outside to romp around in the snow!  Is it snowing where you are?