Bikinis, Sprouts & Hair Stiffy’s

This time of year, we all “wonder” if we can fit into our bathing suits, and the dread begins.  Man, should I have eaten that last piece of cheesecake, potato chips, or ice cream?  So, yesterday, I tried on my bikini to see if it fits.  Does this bathing suit make me look fat?  I think it is just all of my hair that is puffing it out, as I do have lots of hair.  I might have to start shaving my legs now to get rid of that winter stubble and get ready for shorts season.  The every day shaving ritual begins, and the knee nicks will start to appear.  Summer is soon to be here! 

I love playing dress up, except I hate wearing anything on my head!  I’ve got lots of neat tank tops to wear this summer and I heard Mommy talking about some new summer bandanas and some hair clips for me.  Hair clips?  What are those?  I have never wore a hair clip before.  What does it do to my hair?

So, today is Wednesday, day 4 for our little seeds.  We are amazed on how quick some of our seeds are emerging from the soil, so if you are planting your own seeds, make sure you use the best starter soil you can, as our Burpee soil is working well.  So far, in four days we have cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage and our giant California Zinnia’s sprouting.  Daddy & Mommy took a bet as to what they thought was going to sprout first, and they were both wrong, but they are extremely excited about how well the cucumbers are growing.  If only we could do a time-lapse on the seeds as that would be something really interesting to see. 

Here’s our little sprouts for the day: