Confrontation with a Laundry Basket


        It was a typical day, Mommy scurrying around doing housework, which normally includes laundry, and unfortunately, this basket come out into the open.  I hate this thing for some reason.  I remember this basket when I was smaller, and I still hated it, probably because I had no idea what it was, and because Mommy used to put me inside it.  I wonder if that is why I don’t like it, but I do.  Well, Mommy took out all the clothes and put them away, and left this thing to roll back and forth in the living room.  Of course, when I came around the corner and saw it – I went into action! 

I growled, barked, even stuck my butt up in the air to ward this thing off, but all of that did not work.  It was still there, taunting me with its woven plastic sides and ergonomic handles.  “This thing has got to go” I thought, but thinking it away was not working.  The worst thing too, is that my squeaky ball rolled over next to it and there was no way I was getting too close to this thing to get it.  Grrrr, I am upset.   But, Mommy always comes to the rescue and picked up that horrible basket and once she did, I ran immediately to save my squeaky ball.  Phew! 

Q:  What do you have around the house that bothers you?  I have many things!  Even a towel hanging on a clothes line bothers me for some reason. LOL

Help Yourself to Happiness

I’ve come a long way Baby!

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and got a chance to get outside a little before it rained…again.  I had the chance to do just that on Saturday with Daddy & Mommy and got to watch them make the yard look beautiful!  They even pulled the grill out of storage for the summer, and I remember this thing so well, because when I was “smaller”, I used to growl & bark at that thing!  I wasn’t sure what it was, so I growled like there was no tomorrow at that big thing.  (Mommy always laughed at me when I growled at the grill – she wondered what I was protecting her from, but she praised me anyways!)

When I look back at some of the silly things that I did, don’t do now, & still do, I chuckle at myself.  I “still” sniff in the fridge when Mommy or Daddy open up “that BIG white thing” because everything smells awesome to me, I “still” lick everything (and I mean everything) in the dishwasher when the door gets opened, I “don’t” accidentally pee in the house anymore (phew, Mommy says), I “do” bark out the front window when I hear another dog barking, I “still” bark at the towels hanging on our neighbors clothes line, I “will always” bark at garbage cans & the garbage man, I “still” love our UPS guy as he always gives me hugs and kisses when he stops by the house for pickups, I “have never” chewed up anything in the house that was not mine, (except I did take Mommy’s slippers a few times, until I was caught) I “still” love going bye bye in the car, I can do tricks “without” a treat (but would prefer them if you’re offering), I “still” love to be vacuumed, I “now” think that the BBQ container is out to get me, and I “always” have to sleep with my squeaky bone. 

Mommy and I created this really neat collage (above) of me from the first day I was adopted, to me now, and boy have I grown!  I got weighed over the weekend and I am now 52.2 lbs.  We did our weekly trip to PetSmart to see all of my friends (and to scam some treats at the register too) and Daddy is looking into getting me a neat new halter that will help me walk better on a leash.  You see, I have a lot of power in my legs and I am pulling when we take walks, so Daddy & Mommy are looking into this neat new item to help me walk better without “taking them for a walk” & pulling so much.  We had a nice long discussion with one of the trainers at PetSmart (her name was Amber) and she suggested this item.  We might be picking it up this week (because they were out of them), so I will have to let you know how it works later.  Daddy also got me a new Nylabone because I love these things!  (thanks Daddy!)  And, the coolest thing that happened while we were in PetSmart, was that Mommy noticed a lady carrying a little puppy in the aisle we were in AND…..IT LOOKED JUST LIKE ME WHEN I WAS A LITTLE PUPPY!  Holy cow, we could not believe that her puppy looked just like me when I was born.  She said that she just adopted her puppy that day but did not pick out a name yet.  The puppy was a Collie and Sheppard mix.  We asked her to email us a photo of the puppy so we can post it in my blog. (hope she does) 

Last, but not least, the APL emailed me this morning to remind me that this is THE LAST WEEK to collect donations for Doggy Dollars & Kitty Kash, as the online donations ends May 8th by 11:59pm.  No matter what denomination you would like to give, every little bit counts!  I am one of the results of what the APL can do for a puppy in need. (Thank you APL)

DOGGY DOLLARS & KITTY KASHDonate today to help assist the Cleveland APL raise money!

Hugs & APL Donation Smoochies to you,

Curtain Call for Casey

Hey everyone, it’s Friday, and yes, we are in shock over last nights outcome on Idol.  We know that they have to go home – – ONE DAY – – but actually seeing them leave the show, really is sad.  We loved Casey and thought that he would be around to the end, with James, of course!    We wish Casey much luck and hope that one day when we’re out shopping, we happen to see his burly face on a CD cover!  (one that we would buy)  Now, what is Haley going to do?  (hmmmm?)

Anyhow, Mommy made a great dinner for Daddy last night – homemade beef stroganoff and boy oh boy was Daddy surprised when he got home from work!  She also made him a pound cake with mini chocolate chips & walnuts too, but the funny thing about the cake is that all of the mini chocolate chips sank to the bottom of the cake and did not stay mixed throughout the batter.  Did that ever happen to you? 

Before the Rain Storm

Mommy is still baffled about the chips.   After dinner, Mommy had to clean up real fast so that we could get ready to watch Idol, and she put some pots she cleaned on the counter to dry.  Well, I walked into the kitchen and halted abruptly, something changed in this room, now what is it?  Ah, it is that huge pile of strange things on the counter – – “I must bark at them to save everyone”  Woof Woof Woof at the pots, and a little growl too.  (Heck, I barked at a jar of BBQ sauce last week and our neighbors blue tarp, man am I silly or what?)

Well, I am glad that it’s Friday, because I get to spend lots of time with my Daddy.  Hopefully, if it can finally stop raining (and we can stop building our ark) perhaps I can go for another walk with Daddy & Mommy.   Maybe we will even head up to PetSmart so I can see all of my friends!

Have a great dry weekend & bark at odd things,
Love Nikita