I’ve been closely watching the calendar now for days, and there is a really good reason.  Today is circled in red on the calendar and it shows clearly in a thick black Sharpie that it’s my birthday!  Yep, I just turned 2 years old today!  I have a great post to share with you, as there are a lot of new followers on my blog that might not know the story of how I got here.  So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy reading the story of how I got here and why I am so thankful for my Daddy & Mommy. 

September 12, 2010 was the day that I was adopted into the best home ever, but let me go back a bit to tell you how I started out in life.  I was born on July 18, 2010 from a litter of seven.  My dog Mommy was poisoned with anti-freeze not long after giving birth to all of us, and since we were just born into this world and now have no Mommy to feed us, we needed immediate help.  The Cleveland APL stepped in and rescued all of us.  The entire litter was taken in by a wonderful foster Mom named Brea who took care of us round the clock with feedings.  It was tough for Brea to take care of seven pups, but she said that it was worth it.  We were fighting for our lives to survive and with her help, we all made it.  When it got to the time that we were all big enough to be adopted, we went back to the APL to see if we could find a forever home & happiness.  We were two months old and full of energy, and I remember someone at the APL saying that I smelled like fish, but not sure how that was possible. 

Anyhow, this is how I met my Daddy & Mommy and they changed my life forever.  It was September 12, 2010 and Daddy & Mommy headed out to PetSmart to buy some kitty food.  When they arrived at the store, they noticed that the APL had a Pet Fair in the parking lot, and since they love animals they decided to go over and take a peek at the kitties and dogs before they headed into the store.  They walked around and played with all the kitties and finally headed over to where the puppies were.  “Oh my, they are so adorable” they said and walked over and asked if they could pick me up.  Once I was in their arms I knew that I had to lay on the charm if I had a chance of going home with them, well I did, and licked their faces and acted cute, but how could they resist this adorable fluffy fur ball.  They took turns holding me and at one point, they set me back down with all the other puppies.  Daddy turned to Mommy and said “Well?”  And Mommy said “Well What?”  Daddy said “Want to get her?”  Mommy stood there stunned as Daddy has never had a dog before, just cats, so Mommy replied “Yes!!!!!”  They immediately turned and picked me up again and never set me back down, as there was another family that had their eye on me, but my Daddy & Mommy got me first.  Yippee!  I was going home.  Home, what a great sound that was to my ears to finally have a place to call my own.

Since Daddy & Mommy did not have this planned to get me today, they did not have a camera on them to memorialize this great moment, but we all headed into PetSmart to pick up all the things that I would need.  We got a great new puppy package from PetSmart filled with coupons for all the things we needed, and I remember walking around the store in Mommy’s arms and it felt so good.  When they picked out a new cage for me, they set it on top of the cart and that is where I fell asleep, right there on top of the box.  Everyone who walked by thought it was so cute to see me napping up there, but I had a long day already and I was pooped. 

We got all of the things that I needed, and even remembered to get the kitty food that they came into the store to get in the first place.  It was time to go home.  I took a short pee break on the lawn first, then curled up on Mommy’s lap for the ride to my forever home.  We pulled in and they set me down on the grass in my new backyard and they said “welcome home”.  Then they looked at each other and asked “what are we going to call her?”  Well, Daddy said that since I was part Akita and German Shepherd that we should call me Nikita.  Mommy agreed, and that is how I got my name.  Daddy had to call Grandma to tell her that we just got a puppy, and Grandma jumped into her car and headed over to see the new addition to the family. 

So, that is how I found my forever home & lots of love from the best Daddy & Mommy in the world.  After two years of love, pampering, and toys overflowing from my toy box, I can say that I am the luckiest adopted dog in the whole world.  Thanks to the Cleveland APL for taking such good care of me and making sure that I got the best care in the world, my foster Mom Brea who lost a lot of sleep in feeding all of us around the clock, and thanks to my Daddy & Mommy for giving me the best home, good food to eat, an endless supply of treats, and all the toys in the world to play with.  I am so thankful for all of you. 

Now that I am in my forever home, it’s time to explore!  I am sure that there will be lots of things to sniff, chew, and experience, and I can’t wait.  Mommy taught me well in my first week, and I learned my name quickly.  I learned how to sit and shake in no time at all, but the best part was how Mommy taught me how to sit by the front door and watch for Daddy to arrive home from work. 

At three months old, I learned a plethora of new things from finding out that there are good things to lick in that thing called a dishwasher, to finding out that I could finally reach the windowsill and saw the world passing by.  I also played in laundry baskets, chased light beams across the kitchen floor and celebrated my first Halloween to which I dressed up in my pink fairy costume with matching tutu.


Five months old brought new toys for me, as this is when I celebrated my first Christmas with Daddy & Mommy.  Boy oh boy was I spoiled, and I found out quickly that I loved the wrapping paper just as much as the toys I found inside!  Mommy also decorated my cage with LED Christmas lights and hung my stocking by the cage door.  They told me that this guy called Santa would come and fill my stocking with toys, but only if I was good.  Hey, that guy sounds pretty cool if he brings me toys, but I found out quickly that I wanted the toys – – but hated that guy in the red suit.  Daddy & Mommy took me to see this guy before Christmas, and I almost pee’d my pants when I saw him.  He was so scary!  Not sure why he frightened me so much, but he did.  I also found out that the big white thing in the kitchen had some really cool stuff in it too, as everytime Mommy or Daddy opened it, I ran over to sniff everything that was on the door to see what was new!  I finally got to sleep on the bed with Daddy & Mommy, but they had to pick me up to get up there, I was getting older and was outgrowing my little cage so they wanted to see how I would do and I passed the test with flying colors.

I also got my first spot in the lime light, as I was published in the December 2010 edition of Pet Patter  (I’m on page 9) from the Cleveland APL.  This was a real honor for me and my blog stats soared after that!  Thanks again APL for taking such good care of me!

The first five months of my life were quite exciting, but the fun never stops for me around here.  I found out what that cold stuff called snow was, and I loved it!  Mommy always told me to not eat any yellow snow, but I am not sure what she was talking about, do you?  I could not get enough of playing in the snow, running, jumping, digging, and Mommy and I always made little “snow doggies” outside and she also made me a neat snow fort where I would head to when I had to “go”.  She made that fort for me because the snow over here got pretty high, and when I tried to run and jump in it, I would “sink”.

In February of 2011, Daddy & Mommy were interviewed by Kristen Hampshire who was preparing an article about how I was adopted and it was supposed to be in the May 2011 edition of Cleveland Magazine.  But, due to lack of advertising sales for that issue, our article was cancelled.  Bummer!  How cool was that to even be considered to be published in a popular magazine, nonetheless, we are proud.  We even had our family picture taken by Jason Miller who came to our house and I bonded with him immediately.  This photo was to go along with the article that Kristen was writing. 

In March of 2011, Daddy, Mommy and I became Q-Cash Captains for the annual Pledge For Pets Radiothon that the Cleveland APL holds and in our first year we rasied $170, and in 2012 we raised $570.  We wanted to help give back to the APL for all that they have done for me, as all the money that was raised will help all of the animals that are rescued, like I was.  So, in March of 2013, we will once again sign up to help raise money for the APL so keep an eye out for our announcements and help us by making a donation. 

So, to all of my family, my Daddy & Mommy, people I met along the way, and all of my blog friends, I want to thank you for being part of my little world and making my life full of happiness!  I hope you enjoyed my little walk down memory lane on how I got here and I hope you send me lots of Birthday wishes my way today!  Turning two is a lot of work, but being this cute takes a lot of work.  Woof Woof – I love you all!   Love, Nikita

Post Birthday Palooza

I am still trying to come down from my Birthday Palooza high and I wanted to share with you some of the great gifts I received.   Mommy made me this neat Leash Hook out of a scrap piece of pressed wood.  She designed the letter “N” on her computer first, cut it out of cardstock, then traced it onto a scrap piece of pressed wood that she had left over from all the wood tombstones she has been cutting.  She worked really hard on sanding the N and got it all nice and smooth, then she was ready to paint it black.  After the black dried, she sprayed a nice clear coat over the N to protect & seal it.  Then she added two adorable stainless steel hooks to the bottom of the N so we can hang my leash on it.  How do you think she did?  Pretty neat, eh? 

I also got my first Birthday Cake ever, thanks to Daddy, and it even had my name on it!  How cool is that?  Boy, does it look yummy! 

I also got a neat & very colorful new squeaky toy from my Auntie (I call it a Sunflower), and I got a new pink teddy bear from Grandma (she knows I love the color pink), and I got a new pink & blue squeaky cupcake from Daddy & Mommy.  

Grandma is on the phone..

Grandma even started off my day by calling me and singing happy birthday to me over the phone!  Aw, aren’t Grandma’s the best?!  Daddy also held my birthday cards from my Auntie and Grandma so I could read them.  All in all, I had a great birthday, but I still feel like a puppy, even though I am told I am not a puppy any longer.

My list continues of the things that I BARK at…. I saw this big huge blue circle walking down the street and had to bark at it.  This guy must be trying to beat the heat with this thing!  LOL  I hope he puts his swim trunks on first before jumping in! 

Have a great day & do your best to keep cool in this heat wave we’re having!  All the best, Nikita

One Year as a Puppy Named Nikita

Hey everyone, well I finally made it!  I turned one year old today!  July 18th is the best day ever, because it’s my birthday and because I have now crossed over the threshold from puppyhood to an adult dog.  Hmmm, it does not feel any different, but I have been told that I am not a puppy any longer.  I wonder if this is the thing that Mommy talks about that she does not count birthdays any longer, as they feel like just another day, although you turn a year older, hmmm, who knows.  But today is different because they keep trying to put this silly hat on me which is annoying, but I guess I will just sit here and look pretty for the camera to suffice Mommy.  LOL   Still, I can’t believe that I am now an adult.  Those puppy months just flew by, but all in all, I had a lot of fun and a lot of “firsts”. 


  1. You don’t fit under the kitchen chairs when running around the room
  2. You don’t need assistance any longer to get into the car
  3. Your bags of food get “larger”
  4. You don’t pee in the house any longer
  5. It takes two people to get you on the vets table
  6. Your original collar does not fit any longer
  7. You don’t sleep in a cage any longer
  8. Your first Halloween tutu does not fit around your waist any longer (only fits around your neck)
  9. You can see out the front windows now to watch the neighborhood
  10. You don’t use baby gates any longer
  11. Your doo doo piles get bigger
  12. You are trusted to be in the house by yourself
  13. Your toy box is now overflowing with toys


  1. I growl at my reflection in the TV & oven door
  2. I play with my dog food
  3. I chase lightning bugs & other flying insects
  4. I bark only at the smallest dog that walks by our house
  5. I go crazy when the Smoothie Maker turns on
  6. I hate when the laundry basket is turned on its side
  7. I don’t like the upright vacuum & run from it
  8. I love being vacuumed though by the canister vacuum

What a great exciting year I have had!  It all started with me being adopted by Daddy & Mommy from the APL.  Without the APL’s help to get me started in life and help me find a good home, I may have not made it, so today I am reflecting on how lucky a puppy dog I truly am.  Thanks to everyone that’s in my life, from my friends at the APL, to all of my blog followers, to my family, Daddy & Mommy and to a lot of dogs I have sniffed along the way – THANKS FOR LOVING ME! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and to another year of happiness!  With love always, Nikita