HELLO FALL! How to Make Paper Mache Pumpkins


Welcoming Fall is always fun, because I can start making more paper mache pumpkins! If you know me, you know that I have made many paper mache pumpkins, a paper mache mummy, and a paper mache fireplace. I had a thought that I wanted to try, and I decided to go “smaller” this time around with some cute paper mache pumpkins.

Here’s how I made them!

I started off with blowing up two balloons nice and small. I did try tying a string around one of the balloons, but it did not make a difference, so I did not use it on the second one.


Next, I mixed up some flour and water and made a paper mache paste. That is all I use when making my pumpkins, and you want the paste to be like a pancake batter, not too thick, not too runny. (use a wire whisk when mixing up your paste)

Now comes the fun part! Make sure you have lots of little strips of newspaper cut up, dip each piece in the paper mache paste, and run the strip through two fingers to remove the excess. Then place piece by piece on your balloon. Run your fingers over each piece so that they are laying flat on the balloon. Keep going until the entire balloon is covered really well. Let your paste dry. I normally get out my small heater and place it next to my object to get it to dry faster. Once it is good and dry, you need to add another layer of paper mache newspaper strips all around the balloon. Let that layer dry, and keep doing this step over and over until you have a pumpkin that is so hard that you cannot push in any part of it. THIS PART IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.


Once your pumpkin is formed and nice and hard, you are now ready to draw a face on your pumpkin. You can use a pencil to draw your face on, or a Sharpie Marker.


Once you get the face drawn the way you want it, you carefully take your sharp knife out and cut out the face. Go slow in this process so you do not slip and cut yourself!

PUMPKIN2Since I am making really small pumpkins here, the openings on the face are too small for me to insert a battery operated tealight in it, so I cut a round opening in the back of the pumpkin for this purpose.


Wait, I am not yet done yet at this point. Since the face and the hole in the back are now cut out, I want to make nice smooth edges around what I just cut out, so I placed a few more pieces of the newspaper strips dipped in the paper mache mix around the face and the hole in the back. Let it dry.


Now it is time for the paper mache pumpkin to be painted. What I do for all of my paper mache pumpkins, is to lightly and I mean lightly, spray paint the pumpkins with flat black paint. I do not cover the entire pumpkin all in black, but rather get it slightly covered as a base coat.  Once the flat black has dried, I am ready for the orange top coat.


Just like the base black coat, I lightly spray paint my orange top coat over the pumpkin so that some of the black shows through. I think this make the pumpkin look so much better.

I decided that my pumpkins needed something. I felt that they needed to be on display, and what better way to display them than with a cute base! I used a $1 glass candle stick base that I found at the Dollar Store, and spray painted it with a Hammered Black paint. I went over the candle stick two times just to make sure that it was evenly coated. The last thing that I did was to spray paint a clear coat over the pumpkins to keep the paint sealed.



The last thing that I did was to glue the pumpkin onto the candle stick base, and I now have an adorable pumpkin decoration! One thing to note when lighting up any paper mache pumpkins, is to never ever use a real candle in your pumpkins, as they could definitely catch on fire! Always use a battery operated tealight in them for safety!


My finished paper mache pumpkins are approximately 6″ and will definitely add some flare to my Halloween decorations around the house! Now that I see how cute these turned out, I have already started on a few more because I know that they will look great in every room of the house! Now, back to the Dollar Store for more glass candle sticks!

A Different Way to Use Nail Polish for Halloween

We are in full swing cramming in every moment to prepare for the arrival of Halloween, and we have been super busy finishing more wood tombstones.  Just this morning, I had an awesome idea on what to use for “paint”, instead of paint, to do finish the stenciling on a tombstone – – Nail Polish!    You can purchase nail polish for a really cheap price, and for stenciling, you don’t really need all that much paint, so by using bright colored nail polish, you can pull off some great tombstones, not to mention, some incredible colors too!

I used some hot pink ice nail polish to pull off the finishing touches to this tombstone, which accentuates the kona brown color of the tombstone quite nicely and it actually turned this tombstone into quite the girly tombstone!

So, when you are trying to figure out how to stencil on your tombstone, pick up some bright nail polish colors because you don’t really need a lot of “paint” to finish the job!  Even the stencil font I used was called “Girls are Weird”.

What do you think?

How To Make A Bendable Mummy

Halloween is just around the corner and my mind is racing with ideas of things to make.  The days are counting down to the witching hour, the Halloween decoration are coming out of storage, and even the smallest decoration can make an impact on getting a good laugh, and a second look.

We picked up a pack of soft wire ties at KMart in the garden department that are used to tie up your veggies in the garden, and we thought that these would make a great body for a bendable mummy.  And, we were right!  The pack of wire ties came with 20 8″ ties in a pack, and we used 4 wire ties to construct our mummy.

First, we started by bending the first wire to make a round head and neck.  The second wire tie was wrapped around the neck to make the two arms, and then we attached two more wire ties, one for each leg.

Next, we opened up our small box of white gauze and cut the gauze strip in half.  Then, we started wrapping the gauze around the head to cover the green wire tie and worked our way down the rest of the body.  Once you have wrapped enough gauze around the mummy’s body to adequately cover the green wire ties, just tuck the end of the gauze under a piece of the gauze.

That’s it!  You have now just created your very own small bendable mummy that can be posed in any position you wish!  Have fun and make yourself a bendable mummy today and sit him on a shelf, have him hold a sign, pose him on your pumpkin, or hang him off your candy bowl!  You can probably hot glue some googly eyes on him, but we think our little mummy is just perfect the way he is!

DIY Spooky Halloween Cork Coasters


What a perfect DIY craft project for a rainy day!  We picked up four cork coasters at our local KMart in the plant department for 99 cents each.  These coasters are actually meant to be used under a plant to keep your tables safe from scratches, but we thought they would be better used as a coffee coaster!  These coasters are actually nicer than other cork coasters you will find because they have a nice hard plastic bottom, so check out your local plant department to see if they have any in stock.

First, peel off the store sticker on top of the coasters, and place them on a piece of newspaper or cardboard.  Lightly spray paint the coasters orange.  Let them dry.  If the color is not a deep enough orange color, spray another coat of paint.  Let dry.

While the coasters are drying, you can either draw a 4″ diameter circle or trace the coasters on card stock paper to get the face template ready.  Hand draw pumpkin faces onto the card stock and cut out with an exacto knife.  Then use scissors and cut out the circle template.

Once the orange spray paint has dried, place the pumpkin face template on top of the cork and carefully paint with black paint.  Let dry.  Once the black paint has dried, spray paint the top of all the coasters with a coating of clear coat to seal the paint in so your paint won’t chip.  Total Cost of this project:  $3.96 just for the coasters since I already had the orange spray paint and the black paint.

What a great way to make you smile when you see these spooky faces under your morning coffee cup!  Try making some today for yourself or they would make a great gift too!