PIPE DREAM: How To Make Industrial Candle Holders

My craft projects have not ended for the year, but I could not tell you about this one in particular because it was a Christmas present for a good friend. Now that the gift has been received, I can tell you how to make these for yourself!


I have noticed that “Industrial Decor” is making its way into homes everywhere, and I am jumping in with great enthusiasm on the love of pipe! It’s a Pipe Dream, for sure!



  • Six (6) 1/2″ Black Floor Flanges
  • Three (3) 1/2″ Steel Pipe Nipples (in three different lengths, 3″, 4″, and 5″)
  • That’s all that you need, simple, eh?

Just take one floor flange and screw in one of the nipples to it, and make sure it is going in straight, otherwise your candle stick will be crooked. Then add another floor flange to the top!  (I thought it looked like a mini barbell.) Make sure when adding the floor flange that you place the flat part of the flange on bottom, and then again the flat part on the top. The pillar candle will sit upon the flat top.


Repeat these easy steps for the next candle holder, and so on. Now, just add your favorite pillar candle on top! You have just created your very first Industrial Pipe Project.

This was an easy project to make. The hardest part was actually finding the pieces in the hardware store, since we found out the hard way that people do not return pipe pieces to the box they pulled them out of! So my suggestion to you is, attach your pipe pieces together while you are in the store first, just to make sure your pipe sizes are the correct ones!

By the way, Hillary, the recipient of these Industrial Pipe Candle Holders loved them a lot and they are now on display on her entryway table! It’s a Christmas gift that she will never forget!


Progress on Paper Mache Pumpkin

Tonight is strange, and eerie.  The streets are quiet, the rain has slowed down a little, everyone’s porch light is out – Halloween has been postponed until Sunday.  This will be a Halloween that we will never forget, as Halloween night did not come as it should have, but it was delayed due to Hurricane Sandy.  By now, we would have handed out close to 200 treat bags in our neighborhood, and we would be working feverishly for the next few hours to bring in all of our expensive props back into the house.  None of this happened tonight.  We had to pull up every one of our Halloween props that we had strategically placed in the front yard into the garage when the hurricane winds started.  Now, over the weekend, we will try to recreate our graveyard for the trick-or-treaters that will arrive on Sunday.  We go through all of this because of our love for Halloween, and because the kids love it.

Being in the Halloween mood, I worked some more on my paper mache pumpkin today.  I knew that I was not going to be able to get this project completed by Halloween, but I am determined to create a masterpiece, well perhaps a masterpiece in my mind, but you can tell me what you think.

I started this whole paper mache pumpkin with a large plastic bag from the grocery store, then started filling it with more plastic bags and rolled up newspaper until I got it to the size I wanted then tied the bag at the top.  Next, I took masking tape and pulled the tape from the top of the bag down to the bottom, making an indent in the side of the bag to form the side grooves of the pumpkin.  I worked my way around the entire bag until I made enough grooves around the pumpkin.

Next, I mixed up the paper mache mix and tore lots of strips of newspaper.  Now the fun part begins!  I dipped each piece of newspaper into the paper mache and then ran the piece through my fingers to remove an excess and laid piece by piece all over the plastic bag.  When you paper mache, you should always crisscross the pieces of newspaper on your form so it makes a strong bond.  I kept working my way around the pumpkin until I got the entire top complete, then I let it dry overnight.  Then, I flipped it over and did the same to the bottom, and let that dry.  Now, I have a completed paper mache pumpkin that turned out nice and hard.

So today, I decided that I needed to get to work on this project, and hand drew a face.  Next, I had to cut out the eyes and mouth and I used a sharp knife to do so.  I was nervous on this step, but knew if I messed up I could fix it with more paper mache.  The knife actually cut through the paper mache somewhat easily, but you have to make sure not to press too hard on your form to crush it.  Once I got the eyes and mouth cut out, I started on removing the inside bags and newspaper by slowly and carefully pulling out pieces through the openings.  I got everything pulled out somewhat easily, but now the bag that made the form is kinda stuck on the paper mache, so I will have to carefully figure out a way to pull this bag out from the pumpkin.  I had to see what it looked like lit up, so I pulled out our battery operated LED tealight and it is now eerily glowing inside the pumpkin.

It’s been quite awhile since I did a paper mache project, and I have learned that it does take time to complete, but the whole process is amazing.  I still have some work to do on this project, as I want to make the eyes 3-D and give them depth, so back to more paper mache & newspaper strips, then I will paint it and seal it.

I hope you have enjoyed what I created, as this pumpkin has truly made my Halloween, and I am still amazed that I made this.  I have not taken my eyes off of it all night.

When you Turn Another Year Older – Surviving A Birthday

Birthday’s sure sneak up on you.  Just when you celebrate one, it seems that another one is just around the corner and it appears that they seem to arrive quicker and quicker after you hit a certain age.  After Daddy spent the entire weekend working hard while at home monitoring things at the office, today he woke up to enjoy his birthday! (he took a well-deserved vacation day on Friday to enjoy a nice long weekend)   He walked into the kitchen today to find a huge “Happy Birthday” sign and a pile of presents waiting for him on the table.  Man, was he surprised!  Nikita was right there next to Daddy as he opened his presents, one by one, as she wanted the wrapping paper really badly.  (if you crinkle a piece of paper, Nikita thinks it is for her)  A birthday is not complete without a birthday cake, right?  So Mommy went to work and baked Daddy a triple chocolate cake with triple chocolate frosting and even let Daddy sample the batter!

Daddy even got a surprise when he opened up the back door as he saw his birthday driveway art that Mommy drew wishing him a happy birthday!  Aw, is what Daddy said and his birthday surprises for the day continue!

Mommy made Daddy something really special for his birthday, as she is very creative and he loved it.  Since “Home is Where the Heart is” she made him a wood house plaque and made a string art heart on the house.  She will show you how she made it, in case you want to make one for yourself. 

She started out with her house template that she used to make her Fourth of July house boxes, and cut out a house from pressed wood.  She then sanded it really smooth, and painted it with a gloss black finish paint.  The next step she cut out a heart shape big enough to fit in the center of the house and taped it to the wood house.  Then she carefully, one by one, hammered small nails around the outside of the heart shape (approximately 55 nails) about 1/4″ apart.  Next, she removed the heart template from the center of the nails.  Now comes the fun part, as she tied the end of a piece of yarn to one nail, then just strung the yarn continuously from one nail to another, back and forth across the heart until she strung the yarn around each nail head.  The finished heart is now a puffy string art heart!  (Click HERE for the house & heart template)

Daddy had such a great birthday as his phone rang off the hook with incoming birthday wishes and his family stopped by to help spread the birthday cheer through the house.  Nikita spent the day amusing everyone with her cute antics and now she is pooped and will probably sleep the rest of the night.  LOL   We all had a great day with Daddy helping him celebrate his birthday and have definitely over dosed on the triple chocolate cake and will slip slowly into a chocolate coma tonight!  It is definitely confirmed that the best way to survive a birthday is to celebrate it with family.  Happy Birthday Roy, we love you!

Fourth of July Crafts

With the Fourth of July creeping up upon us, I decided to create some homemade crafts for the 4th.  Remember my wood house box that I was unsure as how to paint it?  Well, I decided to design them in a Fourth of July theme.  I still need to pick up some embellishments for the house boxes, like wood stars and a few wood “4” numbers, and some more wood “feet” for the boxes.  Take a peek at how I finished the two house boxes, and let me know what you think!  I will make a house that is blue with white stars all over it too!



Then, while I was finishing off the houses, I decided to re-purpose an empty wine bottle.  (it is fun “emptying” the wine bottle too)  I cleaned off the wine bottle with all the labels, cut out some different sized stars from cardstock and attached them to the bottle with double-sided sticky tape.  Then, I took out the gold metallic spray paint that I used for my Easter eggs and sprayed the entire bottle and let it dry out in the sun.  Then, very carefully, I peeled off the stars from the bottle.  (you have to be careful when you do this or you will scratch the spray paint)  Next, I dropped a string of white Christmas lights into the bottle, leaving the end of the lights coming out of the top of the bottle, then plugged it in.  Whala, instant starry charm for the Fourth!   NOTE:  When the lights were in the bottle and lit, I noticed that I could have used a second coat of the gold spray paint on the bottle, but the next bottle I do, I will do a second coat for sure!)    Also, an empty wine bottle can be spray painted red too!  Use your painters tape to make stripes around the bottle and add your cardstock stars to the bottle too, then spray paint it red and add your white Christmas lights! 

So, what do you think?  I can now use the adorable painted houses on our Fourth of July table to hold silverware, napkins, cups, or anything that I can think of and the bottle will sit on the table to light up the night when we have our fire pit.

Need Your Comments on Craft Project

I am on a roll again….since our weather changed for the better and got a lot warmer this week, I pulled out my sheets of wood stored in the garage and decided to make something special.  Since we are going to do a garden this year, I thought that I would make something that I have entitled “Home is Where the Garden Is” – A Wood House! 

I saw a post on how to make a clay house pot, but since I don’t have any clay, I thought that I would try to make it out of wood.  I drew the house sides and included a chimney (cut 2), cut out two sides and a bottom.  Then after sanding all the pieces really well, I nailed all the pieces together.  My house box ended up being 8″ tall x 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″. 

Now, I need YOUR help to tell me how I should finish the box.  What color should I paint the house box?  Should I paint a door or windows on it?  Let me know your thoughts! 

My original thought was to paint the house a lime green color as it will add a nice splash of color, but now I am thinking that since the Fourth of July is coming up, that I could paint it red, white, and blue and add some stars on it.  But, I want to HEAR how you think I should paint it!   I am ready for all your thoughts & comments!