DIY Spooky Halloween Cork Coasters


What a perfect DIY craft project for a rainy day!  We picked up four cork coasters at our local KMart in the plant department for 99 cents each.  These coasters are actually meant to be used under a plant to keep your tables safe from scratches, but we thought they would be better used as a coffee coaster!  These coasters are actually nicer than other cork coasters you will find because they have a nice hard plastic bottom, so check out your local plant department to see if they have any in stock.

First, peel off the store sticker on top of the coasters, and place them on a piece of newspaper or cardboard.  Lightly spray paint the coasters orange.  Let them dry.  If the color is not a deep enough orange color, spray another coat of paint.  Let dry.

While the coasters are drying, you can either draw a 4″ diameter circle or trace the coasters on card stock paper to get the face template ready.  Hand draw pumpkin faces onto the card stock and cut out with an exacto knife.  Then use scissors and cut out the circle template.

Once the orange spray paint has dried, place the pumpkin face template on top of the cork and carefully paint with black paint.  Let dry.  Once the black paint has dried, spray paint the top of all the coasters with a coating of clear coat to seal the paint in so your paint won’t chip.  Total Cost of this project:  $3.96 just for the coasters since I already had the orange spray paint and the black paint.

What a great way to make you smile when you see these spooky faces under your morning coffee cup!  Try making some today for yourself or they would make a great gift too!