Survival or Revenge?

GARDEN UPDATE BUTTONLast Tuesday, you all know what happened.  A deer came into our garden and demolished about half of our garden.  Hoof prints were all over our raised garden bed, cabbage plants were trampled on, cucumbers chewed that were about to bloom, pepper plants were chewed down to nothing, romaine lettuce nibbled to nubs, strawberry plants pruned, and tomato branches bit and tomatoes eaten like an appetizer.

Then, a few days later on Friday, we noticed that the deer were back and tried to get back into the garden.  Yet this time they did not jump the fence, rather tried to break through it.  The good news is, that they did not make it into the garden.  Phew!  Later that day, we went back to Pettiti’s Garden Center in the hopes to find more pepper plants to replace the ones that the deer demolished and to purchase a highly recommended deer spray called Plantskydd.  (as you can see from the label, it also deters Elk, and so far, we have not had any elk sightings here….yet)  This spray also does not need to be re-applied when it rains, and it is thick like blood.  Ew, I know.


Our wonderful neighbor let us borrow his spray after our first deer attack and we sprayed it all around the garden fence.  Holy cow, this spray stunk up the whole neighborhood and I actually had to vacate our backyard for the evening.  Thank God everyone had their AC on at the time, or there would have been a lot of windows slamming shut from the stench.


We planted all of our pepper plants, planted more romaine lettuce and leaf lettuce, and as of today, I noticed that the romaine lettuce is trying to re-grow from the nub left in the ground.  It somewhat looks promising that we might be able to recover our garden, but time will tell.


I hadn’t been in the garden for a few days because I was so sickened last week of what happened, and I finally went out over the long weekend to take a look around.  It finally hit me that I cannot just sit back and watch our garden get demolished by these animals, and that I had to do something.  So, I opened up our recycling bin and pulled out about 10 empty dog food cans and drilled holes in them, then strung them up in a line in front of our garden fence in the hopes to deter the deer.  I am hoping that these work to run them off and hopes that it will scare them when they bump into them.  We’ll see.


To date, we have dealt with chipmunks, deer, and now today….you are not going to believe this one – – a porcupine!  Yes, I said porcupine!  Nikita was looking out the front window this morning and seemed amused watching something.  I went to investigate, and found a porcupine under our front window.  Holy crap is what I said to myself.  Of course, I ran and grabbed my camera to get a photo of this guy we named “Porky” because I figured no one would believe me that I just saw a porcupine.  Now, I need to do some research on “what” does Porky eat.  Hope it is not veggies!  Also, check out the long claws on him – yikes!  If you don’t think this is a porcupine, let me know, but that is what I really think it is.


We also had yet another loss this weekend too, as all of our grown from seed under the nice warmth of a grow light Burpee Sunflowers are now all gone.  The deer ate every single one of them.  And we were looking forward to actually watching these grow as we have never grown them before.  Well, I guess we won’t find out what they will look like this year at least.



Trying to grow a garden this year has been quite an adventure and we are up to an adventure, but not of this kind.   Geez!