I Had A Heart Attack In The Backyard

I woke up this morning to hear the kitties banging on the door for food, typical morning routine for me to hear, and it wasn’t even 8:30a yet.  I got up and took the dog outside for her morning constitutional…and had a heart attack in the backyard.  I stood there holding the leash for the dog, started gasping for air, screamed, and ran over to my flower garden.  What I was looking at was nothing.  I say nothing because that is what I saw.  In the place where our huge Red Warty Thing Pumpkin once stood only yesterday – it was gone, all gone, just the root of it was lying there on top of the dirt.  The netting that I gingerly wrapped around it each and every night was pulled off and on the ground.  The deer ate our entire Red Warty Thing Pumpkin last night all the way down to the root, “someone is going to pay” and we want REVENGE! 

We are so pissed right now as that pumpkin was doing so well and as we have mentioned before, that we have never seen a pumpkin grow with such a huge stalk before so we were really excited about this pumpkin.  It even had little runners starting and flowers were starting to form.  You can’t have anything these days without some sort of critter or deer eating what you have grown.  It is disheartening nonetheless.  Revenge is what we have on our mind this morning.  RIP Red Warty Thing

Here is the photograph of our Red Warty Thing – Two Days Ago

Now, here is what we found this morning

The Hungry Deer

There is definitely an over-population of deer in our community, as we can tell by the herds of them who graze all over the neighborhood in the dark of night.  Last night was no different, while we were all enjoying a good butt-kickin game of Wii Life, I jumped up from my nice dog nap as I sensed something was wrong outside.  I ran to the window and went absolutely nutso!  Deer were in the front yard walking towards the front porch where we have our pumpkins, and over the weekend they started to eat the front of Daddy’s homegrown pumpkin.  My barking and growling detered them last night to save Mommy’s pumpkin, but I am sure they will be back.  We just can’t believe that once the deer started munching on Daddy’s pumpkin over the weekend, that by the time Monday morning arrived, his whole pumpkin was GONE!  Nothing was left….they ate the whole entire 20.4 pound pumpkin!  WOW!  Once I saw the deer out in the yard last night, I did not take any more naps, because I knew they were lurking in the shadows of the night, so I waited and waited for their return.  And return they did!  When Mommy and I looked out the kitchen window we could not believe that a deer was standing right there in front of the window now eating the red berries off the bushes!   Darn deer!  What amazes me is that the deer almost ruined the growth of Daddy’s pumpkin in the first place, and now, they finished it off…literally!   I hope the pumpkin gave them a tummy ache!