Shock & Awe

Never in a million years would I think that I would wake up today and have my day start off this way.  I walked outside this morning with Mommy for my morning pee break only to find that last night, the deer munched away 1/3 of Daddy’s pumpkin vines.  The funny thing is, is that I was going to do a post today about how well Daddy’s pumpkin was doing and some nice progression photo’s, but today’s post turned into sadness as what we found was disturbing.

We are in shock.  We have been babying this pumpkin from the start, and were so glad that it took off so well, as it has grown to 19′ in length and the leaves reached 17″ in width.  The deer have left this alone, until last night.

Now, we are wondering if what the deer munched on will effect the pumpkin vine and stunt its growth?  At first, Mommy thought that the deer ate the big pumpkin, but was glad to see that they did not. (phew!)   That stinky deer spray will definitely be sprayed all over the vines today and we hope that will deter them from feeding again on Daddy’s pumpkin. 

Mommy took a quick video of the damage to the vines this morning, so check it out!  Keep your fingers crossed that Daddy’s pumpkin will continue to grow and this munching attack has not damaged the growth of his pumpkin.  We’ll keep you informed…