Bye Bye January

Thank God it’s Friday, and it’s the last day of January too. Where in the world did the month go? I am actually happy to see the calendar heading on over to another month, as that means that we’re closer to Spring and better weather.

NIKITA BACK DOORI am sure that old groundhog is going to tell us that we’re in for another six more weeks of Winter, figures. Mother Nature has not been that good to us lately.


It has been so cold lately, that I can’t let the dogs out for too long to play, so we make the best of playing hide and seek inside, chasing each other all around the house, playing tug of war with the toy of their choice, and practicing all of their tricks for a treat.



Never do we ever run out of ideas for photographs, and this week we had a lot to snap. Nikita and Bella have been on deer patrol, and run from the back door to each window in the house, just to see where the deer are walking.


We have not seen much of the deer lately as I am sure they bunked down somewhere due to the extreme cold, but the temps rose this week and they are all out in full force looking for food. I feel bad for our neighbors bushes, as the deer have munched on each and every one of them. Even our own front bushes have been munched on as we find hoof prints in the snow right under the windows.


I am glad to see the month end already, and if you joined in with us on the 52 Week Money Challenge, you should have $15 in your money jar right now. How the 52 Week Money Challenge works, is for whatever week you are in, you put that amount of money in the jar. Example: Week one, you put $1 in your jar, week two, $2, and so on. By the end of the 52 Week Money Challenge, you will have saved $1,378! You will be able to pay off any Christmas expenses next January, or pay off a credit card with what you saved, or even take the money and go on that vacation you always wanted, but did not have the money saved for it. Whatever you choose to use the money for, you have saved for it this year. It works, and I hope that all of you have joined in with us and are saving along the way!

Garden Update & It’s Not Good News

We are still trying to recover from what happened this week.  It is not good.  We feel that all of our hard work has been for nothing.  I usually post our garden updates on Tuesday and I am glad that I got distracted because if I would have posted my normal Tuesday post, I would have had to retract it on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning I woke up to take Bella out for her morning duties and as I stood there in the backyard, still half asleep, I took a glance over at the garden.  Then I looked again.  And again.  I could not believe what I was looking at.  What caught my eye was a clump of lettuce just laying on the grass.  Hmmm, that is not where it is supposed to be.  Then I glanced at the long row of red peppers next to the lettuce where there once were nicely formed peppers on each plant.  Gone.  All gone!  I think I screamed out loud, or it was the voice inside my head that was screaming in terror.  I went into shock Wednesday morning, and I have not recovered yet.

After some investigation, we originally thought it was a raccoon that climbed over our garden fence and wrecked holy terror on every plant in the garden, but we now know that it was a deer that jumped our 6′ high fence and made it into our garden for their evening smorgasbord.  Every plant in our garden was munched on, stepped on, ripped up, and damaged.  Our only hopes is that they can recover and new growth will emerge.  Our Romaine Lettuce that was over 6″ in height, is now only a stub.  Each and every Juliet Tomato and Big Boy Tomato that was nicely formed and ripening on the vines, are now all…gone.  Our baby broccoli that was coming up, was trampled on and the hopes of it coming back is not good.  Did I mention that I am in shock?

I did, however, go out on Monday and take my usual weekly garden photographs for my Tuesday post, and those will be the last nice pictures we will cherish of our garden.  We will just have to wait to see what happens.  Then, on Wednesday, I went to check my mail on Yahoo and saw that someone posted a video of a herd of deer in a field jumping over a fence.  How perfect I thought, and had to share that video with you.  Ah, nature putting our fences to shame.

Disclaimer: The photographs listed below are graphic in nature, so be warned before you scroll down to view them.  Gardeners, you might want to turn away, parental guidance is recommended.

Monday, July 1, 2013 & Wednesday, July 3, 2013


As you can see from the above photograph, we have already picked & enjoyed our first few batches of fresh picked lettuce.



Here are the photographs of our Romaine Lettuce on Monday, and on Wednesday.  From a beautiful bouquet of fresh greens taken down to a nub.  How sad is this!



Each and every one of our more than 25+ red and green peppers plants went from bountiful veggies, to sticks.  Still in shock over this.




I don’t even want to talk about the tomatoes, as it will make me cry.  These little guys were gingerly handled from a seed, pampered into sprouts, and transplanted with love into our garden – only to be taken down by a deer in one night.  These should be ok though, since they still have blooms on them, but nonetheless, we are devastated by the attack.



I have more photographs, but I cannot continue to post them as I am getting sick to my stomach again over all of this.  We are just sickened that in one night our entire garden has been damaged.  Nature must have been hungry that night.


I Had A Heart Attack In The Backyard

I woke up this morning to hear the kitties banging on the door for food, typical morning routine for me to hear, and it wasn’t even 8:30a yet.  I got up and took the dog outside for her morning constitutional…and had a heart attack in the backyard.  I stood there holding the leash for the dog, started gasping for air, screamed, and ran over to my flower garden.  What I was looking at was nothing.  I say nothing because that is what I saw.  In the place where our huge Red Warty Thing Pumpkin once stood only yesterday – it was gone, all gone, just the root of it was lying there on top of the dirt.  The netting that I gingerly wrapped around it each and every night was pulled off and on the ground.  The deer ate our entire Red Warty Thing Pumpkin last night all the way down to the root, “someone is going to pay” and we want REVENGE! 

We are so pissed right now as that pumpkin was doing so well and as we have mentioned before, that we have never seen a pumpkin grow with such a huge stalk before so we were really excited about this pumpkin.  It even had little runners starting and flowers were starting to form.  You can’t have anything these days without some sort of critter or deer eating what you have grown.  It is disheartening nonetheless.  Revenge is what we have on our mind this morning.  RIP Red Warty Thing

Here is the photograph of our Red Warty Thing – Two Days Ago

Now, here is what we found this morning