How to Make Melted Pony Bead Stars

We all have Pony Beads in our piles of craft supplies, if you don’t, you need to get some! Making melted Pony Bead crafts is fun to do.

HOW TO MAKE MELTED PONY BEAD STARSI used three different sized metal star cookie cutters to make mine.

PONY BEAD STARS1Pour your Pony Beads into your cookie cutter and make sure that you have enough to fill up all the space inside the cookie cutter. You can then arrange the beads around a bit to distribute the colors. Make sure your cookie cutters are on a metal cookie sheet too.

PONY BEAD STARS2Once you have all the beads where you want them, they are ready to bake.

PONY BEAD STARS3Place in your oven at 400 degrees, and watch them closely as they melt. There will be a slight smell from the melting plastic, so you should have your windows open or run a fan while melting the Pony Beads. (note: you can also melt them on your grill too outside) You will know when they are ready to be taken out of the oven when the top of the Pony Beads are nice and flat. (if you still see the “humps” of the beads, then they will need to stay in the oven a few minutes longer)

PONY BEAD STARS4Once all the beads are nice and flat, remove them from the oven and let them cool on top of the stove. You will soon hear a slight crackling sound, and don’t worry, this is the plastic cooling sound.

PONY BEAD STARS5When cooled, you can pick up your cookie cutter and remove the melted Pony Bead stars. Just carefully pull the sides apart of the cookie cutter and the star just pops out.

HOW TO MAKE MELTED PONY BEAD STARSIf you so choose, at this point, you can use a small drill bit and drill right through the melted Pony Bead stars so you can add a ribbon for hanging. Or, you can perhaps hot glue a wooden skewer to the back of the stars and place in a flower pot for a nice decoration. With these three sizes, I also had the idea to make a little tiered sun catcher for the Fourth of July. To accomplish this, you will need to drill a small hole on the top and bottom of the stars so you can attach your string in between them for hanging.

So there you have it, you can now make your own melted Pony Bead Stars and you will be ready to ring in your Fourth of July in style!

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Salt Dough Ornaments


It’s been a few years since I played around with Salt Dough, so I was more than excited to jump right in and make a batch.  Boy oh boy, was this a fun project.  I mixed one cup all-purpose flour, one cup salt, and 1/2 cup water to make the Salt Dough.  (you can double the batch if you are making lots of ornaments)


Mix together the flour and salt really well with a fork, then slowly add the water while still mixing with your fork.  Once all the water has been added, you can use your hands to knead the dough better.  Take out your rolling pin and roll out the dough.  On my first batch, I rolled the dough too thin and I did not like the results, so on my next batch I rolled the dough a little bit thicker.  (I did not measure how thick the dough was though)



Now comes the fun part – – pull out all of your cookie cutters and start cutting out your shapes.  I used a star shape, a few different sized hearts, and since I did not have a circle cutter, I used the top of a Creamora bottle!  Remove your cutout shapes to a cookie sheet, but make sure that you have laid a piece of Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick aluminum foil on top of the cookie sheet so your ornaments don’t stick when you bake them.


Next, I took out my rubber stamps and a black ink pad.  I found two really nice stamps, one of them was a snowman (and I LOVE snowmen a lot) and the other was an awesome air mail love letters heart rubber stamp.  I also used some individual letter stamps to stamp out the “love u” on the heart ornament.  (these letter stamps are originally used for my cement projects, but I thought I could use them in making the ornaments)


Now that the ornaments are on the cookie sheet, ink up your rubber stamp really well and gently press onto the top of the cut out ornament.  It is ok if the design on the rubber stamp goes off the edges of the ornament a little.  Make sure you use a straw to make a hole at the top of the ornament too so you can hang it!  Once you have all of your ornaments stamped, it is time to bake.  Bake your ornaments at 250 degrees and watch them closely as you do not want to burn them.  The thicker the dough, the longer you will have to bake them.  For my thicker ornaments, I baked them for around 20 minutes, but I still checked on them the entire time.



Let your ornaments dry.  If some of your edges are a little rough, you can use either sand paper or a nail file to file off some of the rough edges.  Once dry, you can add some color to them with either bright colored nail polish like I did with sparkles in the polish, or you can just leave them the way they are.  Get out your polyurethane and add a coat to the ornaments.  You may have to add a few coats depending on how shiny you want the ornaments.  Make sure you work in a well ventilated area or open a window so you don’t get woozy from the fumes!  Now, the final step is to just add a nice string or tulle to each ornament and they are ready to hang on your tree or attach them to a present!


I had so much fun making these Salt Dough Ornaments and will definitely be making more!  The possibilities are endless and I can see myself heading to the craft store soon to check out the rubber stamp section.  You can also use a colored stamp pad too if you want your design in color, instead of just using a black ink pad.  What amazed me is that the ink did not smear when I put the polyurethane on it, which I thought was going to happen, but it did not.  Perhaps the ink baked into the dough when it was baking.  Also, look at the photo’s to see the detail that showed up from the rubber stamps!  This will definitely be a project that I will do again, and for other holidays too!  Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, etc.  The possibilities are endless, just be creative and have fun!